Pro Beach 4s - Jonesboro, Georgia - May 24-25, 1997


Team Outdoor Products Captures Men's Tournament;
Team USA Avenges Itself in Women's Exhibition Win over Brazil

Atlanta Beach, Georgia (May 24-25, 1997) - They did it the hard way, but they did it, which is all that counts. Dan Hanan's Team Outdoor Products defeated Bob Cvrtlik's Team ABVL in a dramatic overtime classic, 13-12, to win the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League's International VolleyJam '97 Tournament at the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta Beach, Georgia. With the win, Team Outdoor gets their first win of the 1997 Bud Light 4-Man tour, the second event of the season. Also with the win, Dan Hanan reaches 20 wins in his career on the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League tour, one win away from Jeff Williams, who holds the career record with 21. "It's a good feeling," said Team Outdoor captain, Hanan, after the OT victory in the final. "Great relief. It helps to get the first win of the season under our belt. It helps the confidence a lot." The final didn't start to good for Team Outdoor though, as Team ABVL opened up a quick 4-0 lead. However, as they had done after giving up the first three points to Team Inglenook in the semifinal, Team Outdoor started to claw their way back. First, they closed it to within 5-4, but then Team ABVL struck back, getting to 8-4. "We didn't want to be down, but against Team Inglenook earlier in the day, we were down 4-1 too, but then we just picked it up a notch when we had to", said two time Olympic medalist and very happy Team Outdoor middle blocker, Doug Partie. And sure enough, slowly, Team Outdoor continued to battle back, finally closing it to 8-7. The teams started to tighten up their play at that point, with both teams picking up their side out game. Then after six sideouts, Team ABVL's Allen Allen made a hitting error and the match was tied, 8-8. Team Outdoor then took their first lead, opening it to 10-8, but Team ABVL came right back, tying it 10-10. Team Outdoor's Mike Seely then made a looping shot to the deep corner to give Team Outdoor an 11-10 lead, but then Team ABVL's Jeff Nygaard made a kill of his own to tie it again 11-11. A kill by Team ABVL's captain, Bob Cvrtlik, gave them a 12-11 lead with time running out. Seven sideouts later, the drama really started. Team Outdoor's Erik Sullivan served. Time ran out but the play continued. Team Outdoor's Hanan hit a hard shot that was dug up by ABVL and returned. Team Outdoor dug it up and Hanan got another shot, and this time he made it count, as the ball hit the sand and the score was tied 12-12. Sudden death overtime. Some moments in an athletes career are remembered forever, and such is the case for Team Outdoor's Sullivan. Back he went to serve, and with the crowd roaring its encouragement, he aced Team ABVL to give Team Outdoor the OT victory. "We (our team) joke about it, but lately, we've been playing better from behind," Hanan said. Well, Team Outdoor came from behind two times on this Sunday, winning their first tournament of the season, and in the process gaining a lot of new fans as they gave them a tournament final for the ages to remember. Tournament Notes: The Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League women were not present for this tournament, however, this was a special "international" weekend event, which was held at the Beach Volleyball Olympic Stadium just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In the men's event, Team Canada, consisting of Olympic bronze medalists, Mark Heese and John Child, as well as Conrad Leinemann and Jody Holden competed. They did really well, finishing the weekend with a 2-2 record. Not bad for two doubles beach teams that got together to play 4's on this weekend. (See results below.) The other international team was Team Brazil, which consisted of Olympic gold medalist, Sandra Pires, and Olympic bronze medalist's, Monica Rodrigues and Adriana Behar, and Shelda, another Brazilian beach volleyball legend. They came to play Team USA, which consisted of Gabrielle Reece, captain of Team Nike, her teammate, Stephanie Cox, as well as, Annett Davis, Team Paul Mitchell captain, and Tammy Liley, who is a member of Team Norelco. In the first match on Saturday, Team Brazil cruised to a 12-7, 12-6 victory. In Sunday's matchup, it looked like more of the same, as Team Brazil opened up 9-3 and 10-4 leads. But then, Cox started anticipating better on defense and made some great digs. She also started setting Davis and Liley more. The result, Team Nike came back to tie the game 10-10, and finally pulled out that game and the match, 12-11, 12-8. Some great volleyball by everyone.

Men's Tournament Results 

ABVL def. Outdoor Products 15-12
Inglenook def. Paul Mitchell 15-8
Canada def. ABVL 15-13
Outdoor def. Paul Mitchell 15-4
Inglenook def. Canada 15-12
ABVL def. Paul Mitchell 15-7
Inglenook def. Outdoor 12-10 (time expired)

Canada def. Paul Mitchell 12-10
ABVL def. Inglenook 15-12
Outdoor def. Canada 15-4

Semifinal: Outdoor def. Inglenook 15-12

Final: Outdoor def. ABVL 13-12 (OT)

1. Outdoor Products
3. Inglenook
4. Team Canada
5. Paul Mitchell
1. Team USA 
2. Team Brazil

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