Pro Beach 4s - Chicago, IL - June 22-23, 1996


  1. Discus Athletic - Cox, Eldridge, Johnson, Randick (3-1)
  2. Sony Autosound - Oden, White, Schwerm, Boehle (3-1)
  3. Paul Mitchell - Cobbs, Buckner, Shoemaker, Kurt (2-2)
  4. Norelco - Shaver, W. Stammer, Hatchett, McKienzie (2-2)
  5. Nike - Reece, Crawford, Meredith, L. Sato (0-4)


  1. Ocean Pacific - D.Dvorak, Diehl, Duke, Briceno (3-1)
  2. Paul Mitchell - Williams, Greenbaum, Presho, Buck (3-1)
  3. Outdoor Products - Hanan, Salmons, Allen, E.Sato (1-3)
  4. Sony Autosound - Partie, Sealy, Sullivan, Knipe (1-3)


Team Discus Athletic Wins Women's Final at the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament in Chicago

Chicago, Ill, (June 22, 1996) - The 1995 Defensive Player of the Year, Stephanie Cox (Santa Barbara, Cal/UCSB), captained Team Discus Athletic to their first championship of the 1996 season by defeating Kim Oden's Team Sony Autosound 14-9, as time expired in the final of the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament in Chicago. This was the second "live" televised final by ESPN.

1994 Rookie of the Year, Katy Edridge (Playa del Rey, Cal/Univ. of Pacific) posted 11 kills and 3 blocks for Discus, while teammate Alyson Randick (Los Angeles, Cal/UCLA) recorded 10 kills and 3 blocks in the victory. 1992 Olympic Broze Medalist and team captain, Kim Oden (San Diego, Cal/Stanford) tallied 12 kills.

Gabrielle Reece (LaJolla, Cal/Florida State) recorded 41 kills for the tournament as Team Nike finished 0-4. Both Team Paul Mitchell and Team Norelco finished the tournament at 2-2.

The Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League action will continue next weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, as the men and women will begin play on Friday, June 21.

Match Results


Team Discus Athletic heads into the final day of women's play with a 3-0 mark at the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament in Chicago, Illinois. The 1994 Rookie of the Year, Katy Eldridge (Playa del Rey, Cal/Univ. of Pacific) recorded 37 kills in three games for Team Discus.

Team Paul Mitchell, led by 1992 Olympic Bronze medalist, Janet Cobbs, (St. Paul, Minn/North Dakota State) finished their play with a 2-2 mark. The outcome of Saturday's play will determine if Paul Mitchell will make their third straight final.

Marissa Hatchett of Team Norelco (Los Angeles, Cal/UCLA) finished the first day of competition with 40 kills and 5 blocks as Norelco posted a 1-2 record. Gabrielle Reece's (La Jolla, Cal/Florida State) Team Nike finished the day a disappointing 0-3.



Team OP Wins Men's Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament in Chicago

Chicago, Ill. (June 23, 1996) -- Mike Diehl (Huntington Beach, CA/UCLA) led Team OP as they became the first team to capture two tournament victories in the 1996 Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball season defeating Team Paul Mitchell 15-4 Sunday at North Ave. Beach in Chicago.

In the rematch of the Detroit championship, Diehl's 19 kills and 5 digs were too much for Paul Mitchell, who entered the final at 3-1. 1984 Olympic gold medalist Craig Buck (Santa Barbara, CA/Pepperdine) led Paul Mitchell with 8 kills and 3 blocks.

Team Paul Mitchell advanced to the finals by defeating Outdoor Products 11-10 in the men's semi-final match earlier in the day. OP received the automatic bid to the finals based on their round robin play. OP will collect $10,400 for their victory while Paul Mitchell collects $8,400 for finishing second. Team Outdoor Products finished third with a 1-3 record. Team Sony Autosound finished 1-3 and in last place on the weekend.

Match Results



The Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League will continue next weekend, June 28-30, in St. Louis, MO.
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