Pro Beach 4s - Hermosa Beach, California - July 12-13, 1997




Hermosa Beach, CA (July 12-13, 1997) - They're baaaccckkkk!. After missing the last two events because of USA National Team tryouts, Mike Sealy and Erik Sullivan came back to the beach and sparked Team Outdoor Products to their third win of the season, as they defeated Team Inglenook 15-12 at the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League tourney at Hermosa Beach, California.

It was a record setting win for team Captain, Dan Hanan, as he now becomes the all-time winner on the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League tour with 22 tournament victories, surpassing Jeff William's, who has 21.

Also with the win, Team Outdoor Products splits the $11,860 in prize money.

In the final, Team Outdoor Products was led by 1988 Olympic gold medalist, Doug Partie, who had 10 kills and five blocks. Former Long Beach State All-American, Tom Hoff, led Team Inglenook with 14 kills.

Team Outdoor Products qualified for the final by finishing in first place after round robin play on day 1 of the tourney. Team Inglenook advanced to the final by defeating Team Discus Athletic 15-5 in the semifinal match early on Sunday. In that match, Hoff again led the way for his team with 10 kills and three blocks. Eric Sato, another 1988 Olympic gold medalist, anchored Inglenook's defense with seven digs.

Next up for the Bud Light Tour, a stop at Metrobeach Metropark, in Detroit, MI on July 19th and 20th. It's the ninth stop on the tour for the 1997 season.

July 13
Semifinal: Inglenook def. Discus Athletic 15-5
Final: Outdoor Products def. Inglenook 15-12

July 12
Discus Athletic def. Outdoor Products
Inglenook def. Paul Mitchell
Outdoor Products def. Inglenook
Discus Athletic def. Paul Mitchell
Inglenook def. Discus Athletic
Outdoor Products def. Paul Mitchell
Hanan's 24 kills and eight blocks powered Team Outdoor Products directly into their sixth final of the season, as they finished day 1 of the tourney with a 2-1 record and in first place because of point differential. Team Discus Athletic and Team Inglenook also finished the day with a 2-1 record, but had to battle it out in the semifinals to determine who moved on. Captain, Bob Ctvrtlik, led the way for Team Discus Athletic with 30 kills, while veteran, Duane Cameron, chipped in 25 kills for Team Inglenook. Team Paul Mitchell, after making an appearance in the final at the previous event, fell back into their losing ways, going 0-3 on the weekend and, now, 3-22 for the season.

1.Outdoor Products - Hanan, Partie, Sealy, Sullivan 
2.Inglenook - Fortune, E Sato, Hoff, Cameron 
3.Discus (formerly ABVL) - Ctvrtlik, D Dvorak, Allen, Nygaard 
4.Paul Mitchell - Greenbaum, Duke, Diehl, Lambert 
(To be televised Thur, Aug 21 at 1030am PDT on ESPN)



Hermosa Beach, CA (July 12-13, 1997) - Led by team captain, Kim Oden's 13 kills and three blocks, Team Discus Athletic won an overtime thriller over Team Norelco, 12-11, to take the Bud Light Pro Beach Volleyball League tournament at Hermosa Beach, California.

With the win, Team Discus Athletic takes home the $11,860 prize money.

Former NCAA Player of the Year, Danielle Scott, led Team Norelco with 13 kills. Team Nike, winners of the last four tournaments, finished a disappointing weekend in last place with a 1-2 record.

The next event will be on July 19 and 20 at Metrobeach Metropark in Detroit, MI, the tour's ninth stop of the 1997 season, the eighth for the women.

July 13
Discus Athletic def. Norelco 13-5 (time expired)
Nike def. Paul Mitchell 13-11 (time expired)

Semifinal: Norelco def. Paul Mitchell 12-11 (time expired)

Final: Discus Athletic def. Norelco 12-11 (sudden death OT)

July 12
Paul Mitchell def. Discus Athletic
Norelco def. NIKE
Discus Athletic def. NIKE
Paul Mitchell def. Norelco
Team Paul Mitchell led the women's tournament after day 1 with a 2-0 record. 1996 League MVP, Annett Davis, led the way for Team Paul Mitchell with 25 kills, while setter, Missy Kurt, provided a storng defensive effort with 27 digs .

Team Nike finished day 1 with a disappointing 0-2 record. Both Team Norelco and Team Discus Athletic finished the day with a 1-1 record. Oden led the way for Team Discus Athletic with 19 kills, while Scott paced Team Noreclo with 25 kills.

1.Discus - Oden, McKienzie, Stammer, Cobbs 
2.Norelco - Shaver, Liley, Scott, Romias
3.Paul Mitchell - Keefe, Davis, Shoemaker, Kurt
4.Nike - Reece, Johnson, Eldridge, Cox

(To be televised Mon, Aug 4 at 500pm PDT on ESPN) 

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