Pro Beach 4s - Detroit, Michigan - July 19-20, 1997



July 19
Inglenook def. Outdoor Products
Discus Athletic def. Paul Mitchell
Inglenook def. Paul Mitchell
Outdoor Products def. Discus Athletic
Inglenook def. Discus Athletic
Outdoor Products def. Paul Mitchell

July 20
Final - Inglenook def. Discus 15-9 

1.Inglenook - Fortune, E Sato, Hoff, Cameron 
2.Discus (formerly ABVL) - Ctvrtlik, D Dvorak, Allen, Nygaard 
3.Outdoor Products - Hanan, Partie, Sealy, M.Rigg 
4.Paul Mitchell - Greenbaum, Diehl, Lambert, Gandara 
(To be televised Fri, Aug 29 at 1230pm PDT on ESPN) 


July 19
NIKE def. Norelco
Paul Mitchell def. Discus Athletic
Norelco def. Paul Mitchell
Discus Athletic def. NIKE

July 20
Final - Discus def. Norelco 15-5

1.Discus - Oden, McKienzie, Stammer,Cobbs 
2.Norelco - Shaver, Liley, Scott, Romias 
3.Nike - Reece, Johnson, Eldridge, Cox 
4.Paul Mitchell - Keefe, Davis, Shoemaker, Kurt 
(To be televised Mon, Aug 11 at 500pm PDT on ESPN) 

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