AVP Manhattan Beach, CA - August 11-13, 1995

Adam Johnson and Jose Loiola defeated Scott Ayakatubby and Randy Stoklos, 15-7, to win the 36th Annual $100,000 Miller Lite Manhattan Beach Open. For the Miller Lite/AVP Tour's third ranked team it was their third title together (they also won in Seaside Heights and Minneapolis) and first in one of beach volleyball's "majors." It was also the second straight title in Manhattan Beach for Johnson (he won with Stoklos in 1994), and for Loiola, the first-ever title in a major by a non-U.S. player.

The key to the win in the final was eight serving aces by the pair, who both currently rank in the top four in the Powerade Serving Challenge standings.

Johnson/Loila went thru the tournament undefeated, earlier beating Ayakatubby/Stoklos (13-11), Kiraly/Steffes (15-9), Frohoff/Luyties (12-6), Foust/Moothart (15-10), Ahmadi/Garcia (15-5), and Anderson/DeLapp (12-7).

Dodd/Whitmarch loss to Ayakatubby/Stoklos twice (8-12) and (9-15).

Kiraly/Steffes lost to Johnson/Loila (9-15) and Dodd/Whitmarsh (12-15).

AVP Manhattan Beach, CA - August 11-13, 1995
$100,000 total prize money

1st - Adam Johnson/Jose Loiola         $20,000
2nd - Scott Ayakatubby/Randy Stoklos   $11,400
3rd - Mike Dodd/Mike Whitmarsh         $ 9,030
4th - Karch Kiraly/Kent Steffes        $ 7,130

5th - Rob Heidger/Eric Fonoimoana      $ 5,700
5th - Bill Boullianne/Brian Lewis      $ 5,700

7th - Canyon Ceman/Tim Hovland         $ 4,280
7th - Brian Gatzke/Jeff Rodgers        $ 4,280

9th - Brent Frohoff/Ricci Luyties      $ 3,090
9th - Mark Kerins/Andrew Smith         $ 3,090
9th - Bill Suwara/Matt Unger           $ 3,090
9th - Doug Foust/Craig Moothart        $ 3,090

13th- Kevin Martin/David Swatik        $ 2,130
13th- George Carey,Jr./Christin Kiernan$ 2,130
13th- James Fellows/Lance Lyons        $ 2,130
13th- Rico Guimaraes/Wayne Seligson    $ 2,130

17th- Al Janc/Pat Powers               $   950
17th- Leif Hanson/Chris Young          $   950
17th- John Anselmo/Kevin Wong          $   950
17th- Dain Blanton/Ian Clark           $   950
17th- Brent Doble/Doug Mauro           $   950
17th- Eduardo Bacil/Wes Welch          $   950
17th- Troy Tanner/Eric Wurts           $   950
17th- Aaron Smith/Dave Smith           $   950

25th- Dane Hansen/Erik Moore           $   500
25th- Mike Minier/Justin Perlstrom     $   500
25th- Ednilson Costa/Jason Pursley     $   500
25th- Aaron Boss/Kurt Dumm             $   500
25th- John Brajevic/Dan Vrebalovich    $   500
25th- Mark Eller/Todd Schaefer         $   500
25th- Daniel Cardenas/Jim Nichols      $   500
25th- Dax Holdren/Todd Rogers          $   500

33rd- Todd Ahmadi/Mike Garcia
33rd- Sean Icaza/Bryan Ivie
33rd- Lee LeGrand/Nick Hannemann
33rd- Mark Paaluhi/Sean Smith
33rd- Raul Papaleo/Greg Ryan
33rd- Ken Lentin/Ned Williamaon
33rd- Albert Hannemann/Mike Schlegel
33rd- Chris Pliha/Tony Zapata
33rd- John Stalder/Doug White
33rd- Brett Gonnermann/Matt Winterburn
33rd- Drake Dvorak/Brennan Robison
33rd- Cameron Green/Collin Smith
33rd- Rick Arce/Ken Norman
33rd- Ken Lynch/Jason Stimpfig
33rd- Dan Castillo/Rick Colson
33rd- Jon Cummings/Shawn Garus
33rd- Paul Boyd/Ian Martin
33rd- Rifat Agi/Stace Lougeay
33rd- David Martin/Bob Samuelson
33rd- Mike Mattarocci/Kevin Waterbury
33rd- Curtis Griffin/Burke Stefko
33rd- Richard Boldt/Chad Jones
33rd- Rob Bell/Andrew Igloi
33rd- Robert Chavez/Greg Shankel
33rd- Mark Anderson/Sean DeLapp
33rd- Dismas Abelman/Nick Pabarcus
33rd- Andrew Cavanaugh/Chris Larson
33rd- Jeff Bellandi/Pete Gray
33rd- Brett Austin/Russell Keller
33rd- Marcelo Duarte/Mike Stafford
33rd- Eric Bryan/Rondeau Flynn
33rd- Paul Kotas/Steve Uchytil

Press Release from Sherman Oaks, CA (August 7, 1995)-

Largest Tourney With 64 Teams
Kiraly Seeks Seventh Title
Johnson & Stoklos Look To Defend Crown With New Partners

The Miller Lite/AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour
continues its richest month ever with the
$100,000 Miller Lite Manhattan Beach Open
this Friday through Sunday, August 11-13,
at Manhattan Beach Pier (Ocean Avenue
and Manhattan Beach Blvd.).

Friday's play gets underway at 9 a.m., with a 9:30 a.m. start on Saturday and Sunday. The final is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday.

Two-day reserved tickets ranging in price from $10-$65 are available from Ticketmaster (213-480-3232) or the AVP (800-793-TOUR). Friday's play and general admission is free.

NBC will nationally televise the tournament both Saturday and Sunday from 2-3 p.m. with Chris Marlow and Paul Sunderland behind the mikes.

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