BOOK - "Volleyball Drills for Champions" by Mary Wise

Volleyball Drills for Champions

Paperback - 168 pages (November 1998)
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    "A great resource, whether you're looking for new drills 
     or just variations of drills you may already use.
     An outstanding collection of top level coaches."
        - Don Shaw
          Head women's volleyball coach, Stanford University
          NCAA Champions in 1992, '94, '96, and '97
    "Every coach loves drills, especially new drills that come from 
     other successful coaches.  Each coach develops the drill ideas 
     for one particular part of the game, which makes this a 
     very unique book and a must read for any serious coach.
     There is much useful information to be gained from this
     new addition to the volleyball library."
        - Douglas P. Beal
          Head volleyball coach, USA Men's National Team
          Coach of the Gold Medal-winning 1984 Olympic Team
    Practice like a champion! Make the most of each minute on the court by using drills that demand 100% effort and concentration. Volleyball Drills for Champions provides 71 practice activities to produce the maximum individual player and team development at any competitive level.

    • Serving: Russ Rose, Pennsylvania State University
    • Passing: Lisa Love, University of Southern California
    • Setting: John Dunnning, University of the Pacific
    • Attacking: Brad Saindon, Australian National Team
    • Blocking: Greg Giovanazzi, University of Michigam
    • Digging: Jim Stone, Ohio State University

    In addition, editor Mary Wise, head coach at the University of Florida, contributes valuable insights for designing drills and incorporating them into effective practice sessions.

    Become a champion by practicing like one. Volleyball Drills for Champions will help you turn hard work on the practice court into title-winning seasons.


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