BOOK - "Coaching Volleyball" by Kinda Asher, AVCA

Coaching Volleyball

Paperback - 352 pages (August 1997) 
by Kinda Asher (Editor), American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA)
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    The official handbook of the American Volleyball Coaches Association, formerly called the AVCA Handbook; reprinted in September 1997. Supplemented by photographs, charts and diagrams, the book presents the theories and philosophies of some of the nation's successful and respected volleyball authorities.

Table of Contents

Coaching Volleyball

The History of Volleyball
The History of the AVCA

Part I - Developing a Coaching Philosophy        (Pages 1-40)

      1. Coaches Code of Ethics and Conduct - 
	    American Volleyball Coaches Association
      2. Ethics in Coaching: Child Development or Child Abuse? - 
	   Jay Coakley, Ph.D
      3. A Sense of Dignity. - Kinda S. Asher
      4. Principle Centered Coaching - Patti Stanton
      5. The Give and the Take of Respect in Coaching - Michael Harnden
      6. Interactive Behavior Between Official and Coach - 
	    Terry Lawton, Ph.D., and Geri Polvino, Ph.D.
      7. Students of the Game - Randy Dolson
      8. Volleyball and Academic Success - Berkley Laite

Part 2 - Basic Elements - Individual Skills      (Pages 41-114)

      9. Digging  - Kathy Gregory
     10. Setting  - Terry Condon and Sandy Lynn, 
		    Edited by Laurel Brassey Iversen
     11. Spiking  - Mick Haley
     12. Blocking - Doug Beal and Tony Crabb
     13. Serving  - Bob Gambardella
     14. Receiving the Serve - Rosie Wegrich
     15. Tactics and Strategy in Volleyball - Marilyn Nolen

Part 3 - Advanced Elements - Team Play           (Pages 115-198)

     16. Systems of Play - Ruth Nelson and Frances Compton
     17. Offensive Combinations - Doug Beal
     18. Service Reception - Dave Shoji
     19. Net Defense: Option Blocking - Jim Coleman
     20. Floor Defense: Back Court Defense - Terry Liskevych and 
	  Bill Neville
     21. Elements of Transition - Andy Banachowski

Part 4 - Related Elements - Program Development  (Pages 199-256)

     22. Administration of a Volleyball Program - Stephanie Schleuder
     23. Physical Training Factors - Greg Brislin, M. S., C. S. C. S.
     24. Psychological Factors in Volleyball Performance - Nathaniel
     Zinsser, Ph. D., Craig Wrisberg and Vanessa Draper

Part 5 - Statistics                              (Pages 257-274)

     25. Graphing Statistical Performance - Linda Delk
     26. Keeping Volleyball Statistics While Directing a Match - 
	  M. Eileen Mathews
     27. Recording Statistics Easily:  The Schroeder System - Lois Mueller

Part 6 - Sports Nutrition                        (Pages 275-300)

     28. The Daily Training Diet: Ensuring an Adequate Intake for
          Performance Volleyball - Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N.
     29. Nutrition Strategies for Surviving Two-A-Days - 
	   Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N.
     30. Eating on the Road - Jacqueline R. Berning, Ph.D., R.D.
     31. Pre-Competition Meals - Len Marquart, Ph.D.
     32. Eating Disorders in Athletes - Cheryl Fuller

 Part 7 - Injury Prevention                      (Pages 301-323)

     33. A Player's Guide to Screening For and Preventing Ankle Injury -
           Reid Elam, Ph.D., L.A.T, C., C.S.C.S.  
     34. Balancing Injury with Performance Enhancement - Dan McDonough, A. T, C.
     35. Remedial Exercises for the Prevention of Shoulder Injuries - 
	   Vern Gambetta
     36. Low Back and Abdominal Injury Prevention and Preformance
           Enhancement - Dan McDonough, A. T., C.
     37. Spinal Stabilization for Volleyball - 
	   Reid P. Elam, Ph.D., A.T., C., C.S.C.S.


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