Bullhog Professional Beach Volleyball Photography




                              Parks & Recreation Manhattan Open 1980

              Karch Kiraly (hitting) & Sinjin Smith  vs.  Dane Selznick & Andy Fishburn

       Karch & Sinjin won the tournament (in 1980 & 1981).  Split the $4,000 prize money

                Photo by  Robi "Bullhog" Hutas

     You can view and purchase some of Robi's photography and watercolors at  ArtWanted.Com


               Robi has taken thousands of beach volleyball photos over the past 30 years. 

               Contact Robi if you are searching for a photo - bullhog@poetworld.net


     Biography: Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1936.  Came to the USA after the Hungarian Revolution in 1957.

                       He was drafted in the US Army as a 716 Military Police. Spent most of two years in the South.

                       Guarded James H. Meredith who enrolled in the University of Ole Miss in Oxford.

                       Enjoys photography and watercolor painting.



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