Volleyhut.com Oceanside Invitational                 
Pier Plaza - Oceanside, California                 
May 26-27, 2001                
Play begins at 9 a.m both days.

RESULTS SATURDAY 1st Round Women's Winners Bracket 2nd Round Women's Winners Bracket 1st Round Women's Losers Bracket 2nd Round Women's Losers Bracket 1st Round Men's Winners Bracket 2nd Round Men's Winners Bracket 1st Round Men's Losers Bracket 2nd Round Men's Losers Bracket 3rd Round (Final in the) Women's Winners Bracket 3rd Round Women's Losers Bracket 4th Round (Final in the) Women's Losers Bracket Women's Championship Final 3rd Round (Final in the) Men's Winners Bracket 3rd Round Men's Losers Bracket 4th Round (Final in the) Men's Losers Bracket Men's Championship (double-elimination) Final CHAMPIONS - Misty May / Kerri Walsh Dain Blanton / Eric Fonoimoana
Men's Competition: 1.Dain Blanton (Laguna Beach, CA)/Eric Fonoimoana (Hermosa Beach,CA 2.Dax Holdren (San Diego, CA) / Todd Rogers (Santa Barbara, CA) 3.Gaston Macau (Miami, FL) / Chad Turner (Clearwater, FL) 4.Andrew Pelski (Fort Lauderdale, FL) / Jim Walls (Pompano Beach, FL) 5.Adam Roberts (Myrtle Beach, SC) / Brian Soldano (Fort Ldale, FL) 6.Brian Rutland (Fort Ldale, FL) / Jim Van Zwieten (Pompano Beach, FL) 7.Matt Heath (Delray Beach, FL) / Eric Wurts (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 8.John Hyden (San Diego, CA) / Dan Landry (San Diego, CA) Women's Teams: 1.Misty May (Costa Mesa, CA) / Kerri Walsh (Saratoga, CA) 2.Jennifer Holdren (San Diego, CA) / Liz Masakayan (San Diego, CA) 3.Karen Truessel (Switzerland) / Denise Koelliker (Switzerland) 4.Tammy Pelski (Fort Lauderdale, FL) / Tammy Rau (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 5.Teri Van Dyke (Deerfield Beach, FL) / Karen Helyer (San Diego, CA) 6.Dana Atkinson (Hntgton Bch, CA) / Katie Lindquist (Fntn Valley, CA) 7.Tammy Liley-Liebel (San Diego, CA) / Lynda Johnson Black (SDiego) 8.Barbara Nyland (San Diego, CA) / Sharman Mitchell (San Diego, CA) FORMAT: 8-team double elimination tournament. Matches will be played best 2 out of 3 games using the FIVB Rally Point Scoring (RPS) system; Games 1 and 2 will be played to 21 points, game 3 will be played to 15 points. Each game must be won by a 2-point margin. PRIZE MONEY: 1st (Gold Medal) $5,000 2nd (Silver Medal) $3,500 3rd (Bronze Medal) $3,000 4th $2,750 5th (2 teams) $2,250 7th (2 teams) $2,000