FIVB Women's Beach - February 24-March 1, 1998



QUALIFICATION  24-25 February
MAIN DRAW      26 February - March 1

Beach Press Release, 1st March 1998

The Brazilians Adriana Behar and Shelda won today (Sunday, 1st March) the US$ 170,000 Womens Brazil Open, in Copacabana, first tournament of the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour 1998.

They beat the Australian team Manser/Pottharst by 12/3, 12/8, winning in Rio for the first time. Brazil also got the third place in the first match of the day, when Jackie Silva/Sandra defeated Friedrichsen/Müsch, from Germany, by 15/6, in 37 minutes.

Adriana/Shelda, champions of last years FIVB World Tour, received a prize money of US$ 32,000 and 340 points in the World ranking. "I feel like Im in paradise", said Shelda immediatly after the match.

In the first set the Brazilian team had no problems to win by 12/3, in 24 minutes, with a very good service and some mistakes of the opponents. In the second set, that lasted 64 minutes, Manser and Pottharst were more concentrated and made it difficult to Adriana and Shelda to win by 12/8.

The Brazilian team needed a lot of patience and also a good service to win in two sets and celebrate the title with a crowd of almost 7,000 people. In a real summer day in Rio, the matches were played with a temperature of 42º C.

Asked about the next Olympic Games, in Sidney 2,000, Shelda said its still too early to think about it. She declared their next goals are the other tournaments of the World Tour and the GoodWill Games, that will be held in July, in New York.

Brazilian teams win in Rio since 1995. The champions in 1995 and 96 were Jackie/Sandra. In 1997, Adriana Samuel and Monica took the first place.

Despite the good results, Adriana and Shelda didnt accept the title of "best players of the World". "It would be too much", rejected Adriana Behar. "We are playing very well. Thats all", she completed.

The Australian team didnt look disappointed and considered "fantastic" to be in the final after only two months playing together. "The Brazilian team is really fantastic and it was very difficult to pass. They also have a very good service", said Pottharst.

Thirty two teams from 13 countries took part of the main draw in Rio: Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Portugal, Japan, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, United States, Mexico, Italy, Canada and Denmark.

The next tournament of the World Tour is scheduled to Toronto, Canada, from 17 to 21st June.

Beach Press Release, 28th February

Teams from Brazil and Australia will play the final of the US$ 170,000 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour in Copacabana. In the first match of the semifinals, today (Saturday, Feb. 28th), the Australians Manser/Pottharst defeated the Olympic and World Champions Jackie Silva/Sandra, from Brazil, by 15/11, in 57 minutes. But Brazil is in the final with Adriana Behar/Shelda, champions of last years FIVB World Tour. They beat Friedrichsen/Müsch, from Germany, by 15/6, in 51 minutes.

Jackie/Sandra and Friedrichsen/Müsch play tomorrow (Sunday) for the third place of this first leg of the 98 World Tour, at 8h30 AM. Immediatly after, Manser/Pottharst face Adriana/Shelda and the Brazilian fans, who today were about 5,000 people in the arena, despite the 41º C of temperature and the humidity of 88%.

The Australians players consider "fantastic" their performance until now. This is their first international tournament as a team, as they have been playing together since last December. "This is our first step and we know we have to improve a lot until the Olympic Games", said Manser, talking about Sidney 2,000.

Pottharst affirmed their goal is the gold medal in Sidney, but she knows its not going to be easy: "I think every team will improve until the Olympic Games, but we have a good support in our country and win the gold medal would be fantastic." In Atlanta 1996, Pottharst won the bronze medal, playing with Nathalie Cook.

For tomorrow, they expect a difficult match, but they said they got a lot of confidence through this tournament. "We are very happy and we want to stay on the top of the World Tour", declared Pottharst.

After the defeat today, Jackie and Sandra want to recover and get the third place tomorrow. "We made a lot of mistakes and the match became easier to the Australians. Now, we want to be the third", said Sandra.

In the second semifinal, Adriana Behar/Shelda had less difficulties to beat the German team. The Brazilian players showed they are in a very good shape in this tournament. Until now, they have not lost.

For tomorrow, they expect a tough match, although they dont know the Australian team: "We dont know how they play, but well get all the information about them this afternoon", said Adriana Behar, very happy with her performance.

The winners of the title will get a prize money of US$ 32,000 and 340 points in the World ranking.

Beach Press Release, 27th February 1998

Teams from Brazil, Australia and Germany qualified today (Friday, Feb. 27th) to the semifinals of the US$ 170,000 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour, in Copacabana. The Olympic champions Jackie Silva/Sandra and the champions of last years FIVB World Tour, Adriana Behar/Shelda, both teams from Brazil, qualified without any defeat. Manser/Pottharst, from Australia, and Friedrichsen/Müsch, from Germany, are the other semifinalists.

The semifinals will be played tomorrow (Saturday) and the winners will fight on Sunday for the title, the prize money of US$ 32,000 and 340 points in the World ranking. At 9 AM Jackie/Sandra play against Manser/Pottharst and immediatly after Adriana/Shelda face Friedrichsen/Müsch.

The first team to qualify was Jackie/Sandra, who beat Fontana/Hanley, from the US (15/2), and Friedrichsen/Müsch, from Germany (15/10). Very happy, Jackie Silva said Sandras block had been fundamental against the German team.

"Sandra was perfect in the block", declared Jackie. She also remembered that the strong heat made it more difficult to their opponents. "They came from a very cold winter", said Jackie. Today, the temperature was 37º C with 71% of humidity.

Adriana Behar/Shelda got a place in the semifinals with two victories by 15/11. The first against Masakayan/Kirby (US), and the second one against Adriana Samuel/Monica (BRA).

The Australian team Manser/Pottharst defeated Dumont/Tough (CAN), by 15/4, then beat Fontana/Hanley (US) by 15/7, and decided the place in the semifinals against Adriana/Monica. They beat the champions of Rios last year World Tour by 15/9 and were really very happy.

"Weve heen playing together for only three months and were very tired because we had to play four matches today", explained Kerry Pottharst, bronze medalist in the Atlanta Olympic Games. "Now we have nothing to loose. I think weve already got a fantastic result."

Friedrichsen/Müsch beat McPeak/Arce (US) by 16/14, lost to Jackie/Sandra (15/10) and finally defeated Cook/Clarke (AUS) by 15/10.

The elimination of the American team McPeak/Arce was a great surprise in the tournament. Third placed in the World ranking, they lost their two matches today. In the first, Friedrichsen/Münch beat them by 16/14. After, they lost to Manser/Pottharst, from Australia, by 15/11.

"I cant explain what happened. Were really desapointed because we were prepared, in good shape. I have no excuses to give and I dont know what to say. Everything went wrong", said Holly McPeak.

Beach Press Release, 26th February 1998

The first day of the main draw of the US$ 170,000 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour in Rio, the first leg of the circuit this year, started today (Thursday, Feb. 26th) with 40 matches on four courts. Both the Brazilians and Americans did well today.

The Olympic champions Jackie Silva/Sandra, the Olympic finalists Adriana Samuel/Monica and the champions of last years World Tour, Adriana Behar/Shelda, won their two matches and qualified to the second day of the main draw, tomorrow (Friday).

On the American side, McPeak/Arce, Masakayan/Kirby and Fontana/Hanley also won twice, going directly to the second day.

Jackie/Sandra defeated Rigaux/Prawerman, from France, by 15/8, and Takahashi/Saiki, from Japan, by 15/3. "We had two easy matches. I think tomorrow (Friday) well have more difficulties", said Jackie Silva.

Adriana/Monica beat Mayra/Laura, from Mexico (15/3), and Bruschini/Solazzi, from Italy (17/15). Adriana/Shelda had easy matches, against Laura/Serrano, from Mexico (15/0) and Kadjik/Kadjik, from The Netherlands (15/3).

McPeak/Arce defeated Villareal/Trevino, from Mexico, by 15/1, and Cook/Clarke, from Australia, by 15/9. Masakayan and Kirby, who came from the qualifying tournament, defeated the Japanese team Ishizaka/Seiko by 15/5, and De Marinis/Nascimento, from Italy, by 15/2. Fontana/Hanley beat Storch/Gougeon, from Canada, by 15/4 and Gerusa/Rejane, from Brazil, by 15/5.

Adriana Bento/Ana Richa, from Brazil, and Friedrichsen/Müsch, from Germany, also qualified today without any defeat.

The other teams qualified for tomorrow are Kadjik/Kadjik (NED), De Marinis/Nascimento (ITA), Storch/Gougeon (CAN), Magda/Vanessa and Gerusa/Rejane (BRA), Poppinga/Rock (US), Manser/Pottharst and Cook/Clarke (AUS).

Tomorrow there will be 18 matches, with 16 teams fighting for the four places in Saturdays semifinals. Brazil and the US are still the favourites for the title, but things may change, as says Radamés Lattari Filho, indoor Brazilian mens senior national headcoach, who watched the matches. "I think all teams improved and another countries will be fighting for better places in a near future", said Lattari.

The 40 matches were played under a temperature of 35º C and 89% of humidity, in another cloudy day in Rio de Janeiro.

Beach Press Release, 25th February 1998

The qualifying tournament of the US$ 170,000 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour 1998 in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, finished today (Wednesday, the 25th) with other four teams qualified for the main draw, that starts tomorrow (Thursday): Ana Richa/Adriana Bento, Magda/Vanessa, Ivanise/Albetisa, the three from Brazil, and Kirby/Masakayan, from the United States.

The first team to qualify today was Ana Richa/Adriana Bento, who defeated Blomquist/Schaefer, from the US, by 15/12.

Magda/Vanessa, qualified after having beaten Alexandra/Sandra, also from Brazil, by 15/2. Before, they had lost to Masakayan/Kirby, by 15/10. "We had to do our best in the second match, specially in the service", affirmed Vanessa.

With teams from other countries already eliminated, Brazilian and American teams had to play extra matches do decide the last two places in the qualifying. Ivanise/Albetisa defeated Michele/Monica by 15/5 and then Alexandra/Sandra by 15/8, getting a place in the main draw.

It was another reason of joy to Albetisa, 29 years old, who knew she is pregnant a few days before the competition. Her baby will be born in seven months and she wants to continue playing at least until April.

In the American side, Kirby/Masakayan and Blomquist/Schaefer had to face each other in a difficult match. But Kirby/Masakayan showed they are in a better shape and won by 15/11. With this result, the American team entered the main draw without a defeat in the qualifying.

The seven matches of this last day of the qualifying were played in a cloudy but hot day, with a temperature of 39º C and 84% humidity.

Yesterday (Tuesday), one team from France (Rigaux/Prawerman) and three from Mexico (Mayra/Laura, Laura/Myrna and Norma/Blanca) got their places in the main draw.

From tomorrow until Sunday, 32 teams from 13 countries will start playing for the title of the first competition of the World Tour this year.

Teams from Brazil, United States, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Italy, France, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic and Germany will try to show their best volleyball in the sands of Copacabana.

Beach Press Release, 24th February 1998

Volleyball and samba make a good team in Brazil. The qualifying tournament of the first leg of the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour 1998 started today (Tuesday, the 24th), in Rio de Janeiro, exactly in the last day of Carnaval. The greatest popular party of the country is now giving place to the womens volleyball teams that will be playing in the sands of Copacabana beach until Sunday (the 1st March).

For the third time, Rio opens the FIVB World Tour and the Brazilian teams will try to keep a title they win since 1995. Its not an impossible dream, as last year three Brazilian teams finished the season among the four first places of the World ranking: Adriana Behar and Shelda (first), Adriana Samuel and Monica (second) and the Olympic champions Jackie Silva and Sandra (fourth).

The team placed third last year is from the United States: Mc Peak and Arce, who are already in the main draw, that starts on Thursday. They arrived in Rio with a goal: put an end in the Brazilians supremacy. "The problem is that they are used to the heat and we are not in our season", said Holly McPeak.

Today, four teams got their place in the main draw: Rigaux/Prawerman, from France, Mayra/Laura, Laura/Myrna and Norma/Blanca, the three from Mexico. The other four places will be decided tomorrow (Wednesday). According to the FIVB rules, Brazil can also have three teams in the main draw and the US, one team.

For Liz Masakayan and Carolyn Kirby, from the US, who are playing the qualifying, the heat made everything even more difficult. "We arrived yesterday (Monday) and it was cold in our country", justified Kirby.

She said their goal in this tournament is, first of all, enter the main draw and then be the best American team: "We are not in our best shape and we do not expect to win, but we want to improve our volleyball and get better through the season."

Today, Masakayan and Kirby won their two matches, both against Brazilian teams: they defeated Faiza/Samira by 15/7 and Ivanise/Albetiza by 15/8. Another American team that won two matches today is Blomquist/Schaefer, who beat Mayra/Laura by 15/11 and Elenice/Leninha, from Brazil, by 15/0.

The players really found a sunny weather and a heat of 32º C in a day in wich people wanted to get a rest after three days of samba.


Rk. Players Country Points Prize (US$) Bonus (US$)
1 Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA BRA 340 16,000.00 16,000.00
2 Manser-Pottharst AUS AUS 306 10,400.00 12,600.00
3 Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA BRA 272 6,400.00 8,600.00
4 Friedrichsen-Munsch GER GER 238 4,800.00 7,200.00
5 Cook-Clarke AUS AUS 204 3,600.00 5,400.00
Adriana Samuel-Monica BRA BRA 204 3,600.00 5,400.00
7 Fontana-Hanley USA USA 170 2,400.00 3,600.00
Masakayan-Kirby USA USA 170 2,400.00 3,600.00
9 Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA BRA 136 2,000.00 2,500.00
Gerusa-Rejane BRA BRA 136 2,000.00 2,500.00
Schoon Kadijk-Kadijk R. NED NED 136 2,000.00 2,500.00
McPeak-Arce USA USA 136 2,000.00 2,500.00
13 Magda-Nessa BRA BRA 102 1,600.00 1,600.00
Dumont-Tough CAN CAN 102 1,600.00 1,600.00
De Marinis-Nascimento ITA ITA 102 1,600.00 1,600.00
Poppinga-Rock USA USA 102 1,600.00 1,600.00
17 Straton-Wilson AUS AUS 68 1,200.00 800.00
Ivanise-Albetiza BRA BRA 68 1,200.00 800.00
Dosoudilova-Celbova CZE CZE 68 1,200.00 800.00
Hudcova-Tobiasova CZE CZE 68 1,200.00 800.00
Bruschini-Solazzi ITA ITA 68 1,200.00 800.00
Takahashi-Teru Saiki JPN JPN 68 1,200.00 800.00
Zè Maria-Sarmento POR POR 68 1,200.00 800.00
Reno-Youngs USA USA 68 1,200.00 800.00
25 Drakich-Harkness CAN CAN 34 800.00 600.00
Storch-Gougeon CAN CAN 34 800.00 600.00
Jorgensen-Sommer DEN DEN 34 800.00 600.00
Rigaux-Prawerman FRA FRA 34 800.00 600.00
Ishizaka-Rii Seike JPN JPN 34 800.00 600.00
Laura Leticia-Serrano Ochoa MEX MEX 34 800.00 600.00
Mayra-Laura A. MEX MEX 34 800.00 600.00
Villareal-Trevino MEX MEX 34 800.00 600.00


No. Date Team A Team B Result Time
Round 1
1 26 Feb McPeak-Arce USA Villareal-Trevino MEX 15-1 0:21
2 26 Feb Straton-Wilson AUS Cook-Clarke AUS 5-15 0:30
3 26 Feb Dosoudilova-Celbova CZE Drakich-Harkness CAN 15-11 0:30
4 26 Feb Zè Maria-Sarmento POR Friedrichsen-Müsch GER 6-15 0:30
5 26 Feb Fontana-Hanley USA Storch-Gougeon CAN 15-4 0:25
6 26 Feb Dumont-Tough CAN Gerusa-Rejane BRA 11-15 0:35
7 26 Feb Manser-Pottharst AUS Takahashi-Teru Saiki JPN 3-15 0:30
8 26 Feb Rigaux-Prawerman FRA Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA 8-15 0:32
9 26 Feb Adriana Samuel-Monica BRA Mayra-Laura A. MEX 15-3 0:32
10 26 Feb Magda-Nessa BRA Bruschini-Solazzi ITA 5-15 0:44
11 26 Feb Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA Ivanise-Albetiza BRA 15-4 0:27
12 26 Feb Jorgensen-Sommer DEN Reno-Youngs USA 3-15 0:25
13 26 Feb Masakayan-Kirby USA Ishizaka-Rii Seike JPN 15-5 0:37
14 26 Feb De Marinis-Nascimento ITA Poppinga-Rock USA 15-13 0:45
15 26 Feb Schoon Kadijk-Kadijk R. NED Hudcova-Tobiasova CZE 15-7 0:31
16 26 Feb Laura Leticia-Serrano Ochoa MEX Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA 0-15 0:19
Round 2
17 26 Feb McPeak-Arce USA Cook-Clarke AUS 15-9 0:48
18 26 Feb Dosoudilova-Celbova CZE Friedrichsen-Müsch GER 7-15 0:29
19 26 Feb Fontana-Hanley USA Gerusa-Rejane BRA 15-5 0:37
20 26 Feb Takahashi-Teru Saiki JPN Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA 3-15 0:18
21 26 Feb Adriana Samuel-Monica BRA Bruschini-Solazzi ITA 17-15 1:02
22 26 Feb Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA Reno-Youngs USA 15-10 0:30
23 26 Feb Masakayan-Kirby USA De Marinis-Nascimento ITA 15-2 0:25
24 26 Feb Schoon Kadijk-Kadijk R. NED Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA 3-15 0:21
Loser are ranked 25th
25 26 Feb Villareal-Trevino MEX Straton-Wilson AUS 2-15 0:16
26 26 Feb Drakich-Harkness CAN Zè Maria-Sarmento POR 11-15 0:40
27 26 Feb Storch-Gougeon CAN Dumont-Tough CAN 8-15 0:35
28 26 Feb Manser-Pottharst AUS Rigaux-Prawerman FRA 15-6 0:31
29 26 Feb Mayra-Laura A. MEX Magda-Nessa BRA 2-15 0:34
30 26 Feb Ivanise-Albetiza BRA Jorgensen-Sommer DEN 15-6 0:34
31 26 Feb Ishizaka-Rii Seike JPN Poppinga-Rock USA 7-15 0:32
32 26 Feb Hudcova-Tobiasova CZE Laura Leticia-Serrano Ochoa MEX 15-2 0:25
Loser are ranked 17th
33 26 Feb Straton-Wilson AUS Schoon Kadijk-Kadijk R. NED 9-15 0:40
34 26 Feb Zè Maria-Sarmento POR De Marinis-Nascimento ITA 11-15 0:43
35 26 Feb Dumont-Tough CAN Reno-Youngs USA 15-7 0:55
36 26 Feb Manser-Pottharst AUS Bruschini-Solazzi ITA 15-10 0:48
37 26 Feb Magda-Nessa BRA Takahashi-Teru Saiki JPN 15-12 0:49
38 26 Feb Ivanise-Albetiza BRA Gerusa-Rejane BRA 13-15 1:00
39 26 Feb Poppinga-Rock USA Dosoudilova-Celbova CZE 15-6 0:26
40 26 Feb Hudcova-Tobiasova CZE Cook-Clarke AUS 5-15 0:30
Round 3
41 27 Feb McPeak-Arce USA Friedrichsen-Müsch GER 14-16 0:55
42 27 Feb Fontana-Hanley USA Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA 2-15 0:21
43 27 Feb Adriana Samuel-Monica BRA Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA 15-11 0:37
44 27 Feb Masakayan-Kirby USA Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA 11-15 0:52
Loser are ranked 13th
45 27 Feb Schoon Kadijk-Kadijk R. NED De Marinis-Nascimento ITA 15-6 0:38
46 27 Feb Dumont-Tough CAN Manser-Pottharst AUS 4-15 0:24
47 27 Feb Magda-Nessa BRA Gerusa-Rejane BRA 13-15 0:52
48 27 Feb Poppinga-Rock USA Cook-Clarke AUS 9-15 0:45
Loser are ranked 9th
49 27 Feb Schoon Kadijk-Kadijk R. NED Fontana-Hanley USA 7-15 0:30
50 27 Feb Manser-Pottharst AUS McPeak-Arce USA 15-11 0:44
51 27 Feb Gerusa-Rejane BRA Masakayan-Kirby USA 13-15 1:01
52 27 Feb Cook-Clarke AUS Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA 15-7 0:36
Round 4
53 27 Feb Friedrichsen-Müsch GER Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA 10-15 0:53
54 27 Feb Adriana Samuel-Monica BRA Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA 11-15 1:06
Loser are ranked 7th
55 27 Feb Fontana-Hanley USA Manser-Pottharst AUS 7-15 0:38
56 27 Feb Masakayan-Kirby USA Cook-Clarke AUS 6-15 0:34
Loser are ranked 5th
57 27 Feb Manser-Pottharst AUS Adriana Samuel-Monica BRA 15-9 1:10
58 27 Feb Cook-Clarke AUS Friedrichsen-Müsch GER 10-15 0:44
59 28 Feb Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA Manser-Pottharst AUS 11-15 0:57
60 28 Feb Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA Friedrichsen-Müsch GER 15-6 0:51
Final 3rd Place
61 01 Mar Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA Friedrichsen-Müsch GER 15-6 0:37
Final 1st Place
62 01 Mar Manser-Pottharst AUS Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA 0-2 (3-12, 8-12) 1:28

Qualification Tournament - Ranking

Rk. Players Country Points Prize (US$) Bonus (US$)
QUALIFIED Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA BRA      
Ivanise-Albetiza BRA BRA      
Magda-Nessa BRA BRA      
Rigaux-Prawerman FRA FRA      
Laura Leticia-Serrano Ochoa MEX MEX      
Mayra-Laura A. MEX MEX      
Villareal-Trevino MEX MEX      
Masakayan-Kirby USA USA      
33 Alexandra-Sandra Mathias BRA BRA 28    
Elenice-Leninha BRA BRA 28    
Michele-Monica Rocha BRA BRA 28    
Blomquist-Schaefer USA USA 28    
37 Barry-Goodfellow CAN CAN 20    
Lussier-Malowney CAN CAN 20    
Gros-Berjonneau FRA FRA 20    
41 Faiza-Samira BRA BRA 14    
Inward-Parsons CAN CAN 14    

Qualifications Results

No. Date Team A Team B Result Time
Round 1
1 24 Feb Inward-Parsons CAN Faiza-Samira BRA 14-16 0:38
2 24 Feb Michele-Monica Rocha BRA Alexandra-Sandra Mathias BRA 17-15 0:51
Round 2
3 24 Feb Masakayan-Kirby USA Faiza-Samira BRA 15-7 0:47
4 24 Feb Ivanise-Albetiza BRA Gros-Berjonneau FRA 15-8 0:29
5 24 Feb Leipham-O'Hara USA Laura Leticia-Serrano Ochoa MEX Team A out of tourn.  
6 24 Feb Villareal-Trevino MEX Magda-Nessa BRA 8-15 0:27
7 24 Feb Blomquist-Schaefer USA Elenice-Leninha BRA 15-0 0:22
8 24 Feb Lussier-Malowney CAN Mayra-Laura A. MEX 11-15 0:38
9 24 Feb Barry-Goodfellow CAN Rigaux-Prawerman FRA 3-15 0:22
10 24 Feb Michele-Monica Rocha BRA Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA 0-15 0:15
Loser are ranked 41th
11 24 Feb Inward-Parsons CAN Michele-Monica Rocha BRA 10-15 0:30
12 24 Feb Alexandra-Sandra Mathias BRA Faiza-Samira BRA 15-12 0:36
Round 3
13 24 Feb Masakayan-Kirby USA Ivanise-Albetiza BRA 15-8 0:40
14 24 Feb Laura Leticia-Serrano Ochoa MEX Magda-Nessa BRA 5-15 0:27
15 24 Feb Blomquist-Schaefer USA Mayra-Laura A. MEX 15-11 0:39
16 24 Feb Rigaux-Prawerman FRA Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA 15-17 0:45
Loser are ranked 37th
17 24 Feb Michele-Monica Rocha BRA Barry-Goodfellow CAN 15-8 0:24
18 24 Feb Lussier-Malowney CAN Elenice-Leninha BRA 9-15 0:33
19   Villareal-Trevino MEX Bye    
20 24 Feb Gros-Berjonneau FRA Alexandra-Sandra Mathias BRA 4-15 0:16
Loser are ranked 33th
22 24 Feb Elenice-Leninha BRA Ivanise-Albetiza BRA 13-15 0:48
25 25 Feb Masakayan-Kirby USA Magda-Nessa BRA 15-10 0:47
26 25 Feb Blomquist-Schaefer USA Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA 12-15 1:03
27 25 Feb Michele-Monica Rocha BRA Ivanise-Albetiza BRA 5-15 0:28
28 25 Feb Alexandra-Sandra Mathias BRA Magda-Nessa BRA 2-15 0:18
29 25 Feb Ivanise-Albetiza BRA Blomquist-Schaefer USA 9-15 0:49
30 25 Feb Alexandra-Sandra Mathias BRA Ivanise-Albetiza BRA 8-15 0:40
31 25 Feb Blomquist-Schaefer USA Masakayan-Kirby USA 11-15 0:52

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Open, 26 Feb.- 01 March 1998

The Participating Teams

Main Draw ( 26 Feb.-01 March)

Pos. Team name Ctry. Points Seed
1 McPeak-Arce USA 1,788 1.60
2 Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA 2,026 2.60
3 Adriana Samuel-Monica BRA 1,810 2.60
4 Jackie Silva-Sandra Pires BRA 1,712 2.80
5 Fontana-Hanley USA 874 5.50
6 Reno-Youngs USA 736 5.75
7 Friedrichsen-Müsch GER 1,102 6.00
8 Gerusa-Rejane BRA 210 6.00
9 Dosoudilova-Celbova CZE 732 7.00
10 Manser-Pottharst AUS 900 9.50
11 Bruschini-Solazzi ITA 926 9.80
12 Poppinga-Rock USA 658 10.33
13 Schoon Kadijk-Kadijk R. NED 446 10.50
14 Cook-Clarke AUS 900 10.80
15 Straton-Wilson AUS 478 13.00
16 Hudcova-Tobiasova CZE 414 13.80
17 Takahashi-Teru Saiki JPN 482 15.00
18 Dumont-Tough CAN 452 15.60
19 De Marinis-Nascimento ITA 418 16.20
20 Zè Maria-Sarmento POR 342 17.80
21 Drakich-Harkness CAN 401 18.06
22 Ishizaka-Rii Seike JPN 299 18.60
23 Jorgensen-Sommer DEN 254 18.60
24 Storch-Gougeon CAN 218 21.00

. plus eight teams qualifying through the QT
- points are as per standings in the World Ranking on entry date
                              - exact seed of each team will be communicated on February 25 (Technical Meeting)

# Wild Cards

Qualification Tournament ( 24-25 February)

Pos. Team name Ctry. Points Seed
1 Masakayan-Kirby USA 612 5.87
2 Blomquist-Schaefer USA 474 8.50
3 Adriana Bento-Ana Richa BRA 558 9.00
4 Magda-Nessa BRA 309 14.33
5 Ivanise-Albetiza BRA 74 15.00
6 Leipham-O'Hara USA 277 16.33
7 Barry-Goodfellow CAN 147 20.66
8 Gros-Berjonneau FRA 150 22.33
9 Mayra-Laura A. MEX 152 22.66
10 Rigaux-Prawerman FRA 71 29.50
11 Laura Leticia-Serrano Ochoa MEX 31 33.50
12 Villareal-Trevino MEX 17 33.50
13 Lussier-Malowney CAN 72 42.00
14 Elenice-Leninha BRA 12 42.00
15 Michele-Monica Rocha BRA 12 42.00
16 Alexandra-Sandra Mathias BRA   42.00
17 Faiza-Samira BRA   42.00
18 Inward-Parsons CAN   42.00

- points are as per standings in the World Ranking on entry date
- exact seed of each team will be communicated on 23 February(Technical Meeting)


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