FIVB Men's Beach - October 04-06, 1996

FIVB Men's World Championship Series
Jakarta, Indonesia
October 04-06, 1996



Sinjin Smith and Carl Henkel of the United States shook off the effects of four matches the previous day to overcome Andre and Emmanual of Brazil in the first semi final 15-9. The Brazilians showed some inconsistent teamwork under pressure. With Ze Marco injured, Emanual was forced to play with Andre in this event. The Americans exploited this lack of teamwork very effectively in the semi final match.

In the other semi final, Franco Vieira and Roberto Lopes continued their outstanding form in this tournament to defeat fellow Brazilians Para and Gullherme 15-10.

In the final match, Franco and Roberto defeated Sinjin Smith and Carl Henkel, 12-7, 12-8 in the championship match of the tournament.

In the first game, early mistakes by Smith and two shut-out blocks by Roberto on Henkel saw the Brazilians skip to a 4-1 lead. They retained this lead until 10-6 when rain stopped play for more than an hour. When the match recommenced the Brazilians traded points to win 12-7.

The second set was very exciting with the Americans leading for the first half of the set. Skyball serves by Smith kept the Brazilians under pressure early. However two more blocks by Franco turned the match around. The Brazilians triumphed 12-8 in 40 minutes to take the gold and the winners check.

1  Franco-Lopes         BRA   $31,000
2  Smith-Henkel         USA   $23,000
3  Andre-Emanuel        BRA   $16,000
4  Para-Guilherme       BRA   $12,000
5  Fonoimona-Boulianne  USA   $ 9,000
5  Heese-Child          CAN   $ 9,000
7  Leinemann-Holden     CAN   $ 6,000
7  Martinez-Conde       ARG   $ 6,000
9  Emilio-Paulao        BRA   $ 2,500
9  Areshkin-Koushninov  RUS   $ 2,500
9  Ahmann-Hager         GER   $ 2,500
9  Kvalheim-Maaseide    NOR   $ 2,500
17 Dodd-Whitmarsh       USA   $ 1,500


The bravest performance of the day was veteran Sinjin Smith and partner Carl Henkel. They came through the losers bracket to win four exhausting matches, including a 17-16 victory over rapidly improving Canadians Jodi Holdren and Conrad Leinemann in their third match.


The first day of the Kermik Diamond Cup saw the suprise elimination of Olympic silver medalists, Mike Dodd and Mike Whitmarsh of the USA. Norway's Kvalheim and Maaseide were too strong for the Americans and led all the way to win 15-8. An ankle injury to Dodd in the last rally saw them depart the tournament in 17th position.


def. Nurmufid-Markoji     INA  15-4  (25 min.)
loss Fonoimoana-Boulianne USA  11-15 (68)
def. Canet-Douenel        FRA  15-5  (25)
def. Englen-Petersson     SWE  15-13 (54)
def. Emilio-Paulao        BRA  15-5  (42)
def. Leinemann-Holden     CAN  17-16 (78)
def. Fonoimoana-Boulianne USA  15-11 (48)
def. Andre-Emmanuel       BRA  15-9  (40)
loss Franco-Lopes         BRA  7-12  (35)
loss Franco-Lopes         BRA  8-12  (50)
2nd - $23,000

FONOIMOANA-BOULIANNE MATCHES 10-4 def. Anfillof-Richardson AUS 15-8 (49) def. Smith-Henkel USA 15-11 (68) 10-5 def. Heese-Child CAN 15-12 (47) loss Franco-Lopes BRA 2-15 (30) 10-6 loss Smith-Henkel USA 11-15 (48) 5th - $9,000

DODD-WHITMARSH MATCHES 10-4 for. Laclga-Vestl SUI 0-15 (0) loss Kvalheim-Maaseide NOR 8-15 (42) 17th - $1,500


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