International Volleyball Association (IVA)


Indoor Professional Coed Volleyball League


The International Volleyball Association (IVA) was a co-ed professional volleyball league based on the West Coast of the United States from 1975 to 1980.


 Launched in 1975 seeking to capitalize on the popularity of the 1972 Munich Olympics.  The early 1970's saw a rise in team sport concepts - World Team Tennis, Indoor Soccer - seeking to establish themselves as a sport of the future.


The league was a brainchild of Hollywood producer David L. Wolper, who owned the Los Angeles Stars franchise.  Other celebrity owners included Barry Gordy of Motown Records (San Diego Breakers), and basketball great Wilt Chamberlain who owned and played for the Southern California Bangers.


Sports Illustrated devoted a lengthy feature to the league’s inaugural match at the San Diego Sports Arena in June 1975.


Following the 1976 season, Volleyball magazine publisher Jim Bartlett invested in the league and imposed centralized cost controls on the franchises.  For the 1977 season, total operating expenses were capped at $150,000 with a $55,000 player salary cap.


CBS Sports televised the IVA’s 1977 All-Star Game, featuring Wilt Chamberlain, on July 17th, 1977.


Years of Operation: 1975-1980   (1980 season ended early, in July)


Format: Six-person teams of two women and four men


Notable Players: Wilt Chamberlain, Jon Stanley, Dodge Parker, Jon Roberts,

                           Jay Hanseth, Scott English, Bill Wardrop, Rod Wilde,

                           Rosie Wegrich, Linda Fernandez, Miles Pabst, Mary Jo Peppler,

                           Jeff  Reddan, Rudy Suwara, Stan Gosciniak (Poland),

                           Edward Skorek, Luis Eymard (Brazil), Bebeto DeFreitas (Brazil),

                           Fernando DeAvila (Brazil), Meche Gonzales (Peru), Irma Cordero (Peru),

                           Martin Castillo (Mexico), Valdemar Valdez (Mexico)


Average Salary:  Men    $7,000,  Women   $3,000

         Top Salary:  Men $25,000,   Women $10,000


Average Attendance: 2,000


Franchises: Albuquerque, Denver, El-Paso-Juarez, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix,

                      Salt Lake City, San Diego,  San Jose, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Southern California, Tucson.




Franchise Years Active Notes:
Albuquerque Lasers 1979-1980  
Denver Comets 1977-1980 Owners 1977-1979 : Robert and David Casey owners (arrested for marijuana trafficing in July 1979).  1980: Bill Johnson,
El Paso-Juarez Sol 1975-1978  
Los Angeles Stars 1975-1976 David Wolper owner, 1975 League Champions
Orange County Stars
(Moved from Los Angeles)
1977-1978  1977 League Champions
Phoenix Heat 1976-1977
Salt Lake City Stingers
(Merger of Orange County and San Diego franchises)
1979-1980 Played in 12,000-seat Salt Palace, which was also home to the Jazz of the NBA, newly arrived from New Orleans.  1979 season the Stingers signed a pair of top Olympians in Fernando de Avila (Brazil) and Stan Gosciniak (Poland).   Owner - Don Sammis (San Diego-based).
San Diego Breakers 1975-1977 Barry Gordy owner, 1976 League Champions
San Jose Diablos 1979-1980 played at San Jose Civic Auditorium
Santa Barbara Spikers 1975-1980  1978 League Champions - Reede Reynolds (USA), Luis Eymard (Brazil), Jose Luis Garcia (Mexico), Bebeto De Fritas (Brazil).  Played at UCSB - Robertson Gym.
Seattle Smashers 1978-1979  
Southern California Bangers 1975 Wilt Chamberlin owner
Tucson Turquoise
(Moved from Southern California)
Tucson Sky
(Changed name from Turquoise)
1977-1980  1979 League Champions





















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