January 2003




I recently made a personal decision to step back from full-time coaching

in order to spend time with my two boys (8-months & 28-months old).


It was a tough decision, because I love the teaching and the competition

aspects of coaching. I have been coaching now for 14-years.

It was also hard to give up a program that I started, 8-years ago, at Los

Gatos High. A program that I put a lot of time and effort into growing

over the years.


Now it is time to watch my two sons grow, and put more efforts their way.

I need to be there to assist my wife in caring for our two boys.

We have found that one-plus-one is more than two, especially when

two are in diapers.


As an off-campus coach my work hours were 7am-4pm at my "real job",

and then roughly 4-7 in the gym (plus prep time, meetings, paperwork...).

The boys are awake roughly 6am-7pm. That doesn't leave much time

for seeing the boys, or helping my wife to raise them.


I will be around the gym, on occasion, as a part-time assistant coach.


We hired Matt Lyles, a Los Gatos alumni, for the Varsity spot.

Matt was one of my assistants last year, and he has coached high school in the past.

Louisa Scoggins is returning as the JV coach (her fifth year with the program).


It is very strange to be in the gym and not running the practices -

first time in eight-years in the Los Gatos gym. I am learning to step back.


I hope to see you around,


- Tom