2002 Women's Division I 

Volleyball Championship






NCAA Women's Volleyball Championships

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Sports Arena, 

December 19 and 21, 2002


22nd Annual



      Thursday, December 19 Semis

      6:30pm   #2 Stanford                 def. #6 Hawaii  3-0;   30-25, 30-27, 30-24

      8:30pm   #1 Southern California  def. #5 Florida  3-1;  24-30, 30-25, 30-26, 30-24


      Saturday, December 21 FINAL

      2:30pm   #1 Southern California  def.  #2 Stanford  3-1; 30-27, 23-30, 30-24, 30-26 

National Championship
New Orleans Sports Arena, New Orleans, La.
December 19 & 21, 2002
Semifinal #1
December 19
(6) Hawaii (34-2) 0
(2) Stanford (33-4) 3
(30-25, 30-27, 30-24) | Recap | Game Stats   Live on ESPN2
Semifinal #2
December 19
(1) Southern California (30-1) 3
(5) Florida (34-3) 1
(24-30, 30-25, 30-26, 30-24) | Recap | Game Stats
Delay - ESPN2, 12/20, 1:30 p.m. ET
Championship Game
December 21
Stanford (33-5)
(1) Southern California (31-1)
(30-27, 23-30, 30-24, 30-26)

Game Stats | Live on ESPN2, 3:30 p.m. ET

FINAL - Post Match Quotes:

Post Game Quotes 



(Opening statement)
"Obviously, we are tickled. That was one of the most enjoyable things that I have ever been a part of. The team played exceptionally well. I thought that we might have trouble after game two that was one of the finest exhibitions of kicking it up that I have seen Stanford do. In fact, it looked like they tried so hard at it that they couldn't sustain it. Logan [Tom] and Ogonna [Nnamani] went up and over one of the best blocks in this country. They were good and we didn't adjust as fast as we wanted to. They were really good in game two and I thought we put on a clinic in games three and four." 

(Overall feelings about the match)
"I thought the first two games were really strange. When we play Stanford the games seem to be really different. No one else that we play, do we have statistics like we have when we play Stanford. In the first game, we gave them 17 points and still won. In the second game they had 21 kills in 30 attempts with only three errors. That is a good effort by Stanford. We talked at halftime about serving tougher. They raised the bar and we had to step up. We came out and hit .351 and .412, but the strange thing is Stanford gets 21 kills in game two. They had been getting about 15 kills on 35 swings and have been winning with that. We got 19 kills for about the same number of sets, so we are going to win if errors are reasonable. They averaged less than four errors per game for four games." 

(On the play of Bibiana Candelas)
"She made a great difference. Stanford seems to program themselves to play against you. One of our things was to do that and then be flexible and change. We have had the ability all year to use [Lauren] Killian and [Alicia] Robinson and adding Candelas gives us three different kinds of players that we can throw at you. Using Candelas too early probably would have allowed everyone to prepare. We needed Bibiana to earn her way on to the team because this is a tight team. You can't just throw someone in there and tell them to win it for us. [Bibiana] worked really hard in practice everyday, finally she got a chance, she got another chance. Tonight we did everything we practiced." 


(On tonight's performance)
"This is just the start. There is more to come, let me tell you. These kids are wonderful. What a great, great match. We ended up with [Lauren] Killian serving and [Tracy] Lindquist in the front row at the end and both were seniors, how do you beat that." 

(On leaving Killian in the game at the end)
"That was just a gamble. We had to go for it. We said that we weren't going to play safe, we were going to do whatever it took. Lindquist wanted extra hitting at the start of practice this morning. I knew she was ready. This is way too much fun." 

(On the play of his team tonight)
"What a wonderful effort by this whole team. This is truly a team." 

(On this year's team)
"This is the most special group of girls that I have coached. They are wonderful. They worked hard, they deserve this." 

(On his seniors)
"The seniors are the ones who did this. They drove the boat the whole time. They are pretty special." 


(On her feelings)
"I feel really good, but I don't think it has set in yet. I think it will be one of those things where I wake up tomorrow morning and think, 'What did we do yesterday?' I just feel great. It is not often you get a chance to achieve a goal that you have been working so hard towards for four and a half months. It has been a long December, but here we are." 

(On picturing this from the beginning of the season)
"I think so, but I was never sure of it. One of my biggest things personally is that I don't want to get over confident and expect to be in a position like this, but we always planned for it, and we always took into consideration that we would be here. We wanted it so badly that we could taste it." 

(On the game plan)
"We wanted to mix it up a little bit and do something that Stanford has never seen. I don't think we have ever, maybe once, rotated before we started a match, and we did do that today in the three games we won. It is good because they can not get that from any tape, so that was part of our game plan. The other thing was to play our game and execute; and if we execute, we didn't believe anyone could stop us." 

(On defending Logan Tom) 
"I think it was just playing our system. We didn't do anything specific for Logan or Ogonna [Namani], just the same system we have run the entire year." 

(On beating the only team to defeat USC this year) 
"It is. I wasn't trying to think about that in my mental preparation before the game; I wasn't going to think about the last two matches we played. I think those were anyone's games and we wanted to come in and make a statement that we should have won whatever we played in the past and that we deserve this. [Head coach Mick Haley] even said in the locker room before, 'if they're not playing up to their caliber, you tell them to play well, because we want everyone to see that we beat them at their best.' I think they played awesome, so I think that makes it a little bit sweeter." 

(On the Pac-10)
"I think the Pac 10 is really hard. I am not trying to diss any other league; I just have not seen a lot of other leagues. I know that you can't ever relax when you're in the Pac 10." 

(On the future with a young team)
"Actually, today when we were warming up, I saw the signs for 2003 Dallas and I was kind of like, 'We could be here next year, too!'" 

(On the championship experience)
"It has been an awesome experience. I was a little worried at first because our schedule was so full of fun things I thought, 'Wait, we usually don't have this much fun on trips.' But it has been so much fun. Everybody's been here; our fans are here, our band. I couldn't pick a better place to be than New Orleans. It's so much fun." 


(On the excitement of winning the national championship)
"Tonight, I think everyone just played our hearts out. We knew this was our last shot, our last match to play together as a team. This is just an amazing feeling right now. Everyone contributed, and we played so well tonight. It's just really exciting." 

(On the last point of the match)
"Honestly, on the last point, I just went out there and hit the ball as hard as I could. I don't know if there was a double block; I didn't see it. I just went up there and hit the ball as hard as I could. It went down, so I started celebrating." 


(On the excitement of winning the national championship)
"Personally, I wasn't going to make predictions. But we're a team that in a match like this, we're just not going to lose. We're going to do it for each other. We played so well in the semifinal game (against Florida) because we knew we had to. We thought we were going to win in the first game; I don't think we tried to win. But we really stepped it up in the third and fourth games. We did it all for our teammates and because of our teammates." 

(On Stanford's service game)
"They were serving pretty well, especially in game two. On a couple of their jump serves, I don't know if they were meaning to, but they were hitting weird angles. But once we got into rhythm and got a hold of what they were trying to do, we were more in sync with their serving." 


(On being named most valuable player)
"I didn't think I deserved it at all, but it was really exciting." 


(On concern after losing game two)
"We knew that we kind of let game two go. We knew we could play harder, and we knew we could win the match. The concern on our face was making sure that we pushed through the match and followed through with what we wanted to accomplish. We wanted to put all our effort, all our heart, and all our determination into what we wanted to do. The concern was making sure we stayed on track and finished up what we wanted to do." 

(On team's offensive struggles in first game)
"In the first game, I think we were pushing too hard. It was a close game all the way through the first game. We were lucky to push that out. I think there was just a little bit of nerves, and maybe overplaying a little." 

(On having so many hitters from which to choose)
"The major strength on our team is that every single player on the court is awesome. You can't just stop one player on our team. If you stop an outside, you've got a middle and a right to look at. But it just all goes to the hitters tonight." 



(On his team's performance)
"It makes you realize that volleyball isn't quite what it seems to everyone. Eight kills (in game one)...that's pretty ridiculous. That could have won the game. We weren't doing well offensively. They were getting a lot of kills and we were making errors. You can't win a game with only eight kills." 

(On his expressions while his team was making errors)
"The pressure must have gotten to me. Sports psychologists say you are not supposed to do that has a coach, by cringing and making that snarl. Our philosophy is if you want to be a really good team, you have to serve tough. We try to serve tough all the time (by having) different servers. When they are serving tough and you've make some mistakes, that's just luck. We try to deal with it. I think the cringes were coming from that we had some cases where we didn't even serve a tough serve and we made mistakes. Those are punishing. I'll try to control them for the next time." 

(On bringing in setter Katie Goldhahn)
"We came into this year having lost a setter to graduation. Robin Lewis played exceptionally well, even with all of the injuries last year. Anna had played a lot last year and had a shot this year. We had a setter with a good, experienced feel for the game setter coming in this year in Katie Goldhahn. They battled for the starting position during the year. Katie played some full matches. Anna played more because she had some more experience. Katie really started to affect as a team and she sprained her ankle against Arizona State. She was out for a month and hadn't played in a match in over a month. So to do what she did today is really a sign as to how good she can be." 

(On Logan's attitude on herself)
"Logan is very hard on herself, but the world is hard on her because of the expectations we place on her. She's been very successful on the world stage not just the college stage. Everywhere we go, everywhere we play, people expect her to play error free and get a kill every (attempt) because she's a great international player. That's not how volleyball is. She's so developed and so competitive. That's why she's successful in both levels." 


(On if Stanford was tense at the start of the match)
"Sometime we start like that, but we weren't really tense. But we can't always control it like we would like to." 

(On what USC did to win)
"I think their serves stayed consistent and our passes got bad." 

(On her performance)
"I was probably up and down at times. I would make plays, go on streaks and then I couldn't put the ball down." 


(On the start of the match)
"We knew this was our last match regardless. We just wanted to come out and play hard." 

(On the adjustments to USC's blocking)
"The inside wasn't working for me so I started to go around. (Logan Tom and Ogonna Nnamani) hit real well and the rest of us should have stepped up. But USC had a very balanced attack." 

(On USC's attack)
"They knew where to go. They had four or five hitters and we weren't fast enough." 


(On giving it her all)
"You have no other option. You have to give it everything on every play. If I can't walk after it is over, I'll get a wheelchair." 

(On USC's game)
"They were very steady and consistent. They didn't fluctuate at all, staying very consistent." 

(On if they had any advantage after winning last year)
"We always think that we have an advantage from our past experiences. But this is a new year, a new season, and we have to work with what is going on now." 


(On the game)
"We had a hard time with our defense and blocking and we couldn't put all of our game together. Our hearts were there. Everyone tried so hard, but it just wasn't there for us." 

(On the difference between the two teams) "This is our third time playing against them (this year), so we know each other pretty well. They just came out stronger and more together." 

(On coming off the bench)
"It is (tough), but the minute I got on, I got into the game. The team helped me out and told me everything about the other team. I was fine and got into the game pretty fast. I tried to help out as much as I could for the team." 

(On the season)
"I've learned so much from (coach) John (Dunning) and from the other players. I think I grew just because of that. I hope in my next three years I can keep growing and getting better." 


(On the game)
"I thought it was a well-fought match. USC is a great team and they've proved themselves throughout the year. It was a great team effort; however, we just couldn't pull through in the end." 

(On the season)
"We had a good season overall. We had a tough schedule, played lots of tough teams and there was lots of traveling for us, so it was a good preparation for this match." 

Team Information

  Stanford University
  Mascot: Cardinal
  Location: Stanford, CA
  Record(Seed): 32-4 (#2)
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  • Coaches
  • Statistics
  • Web Site

  University of Hawaii
  Mascot: Rainbow Wahine
  Location: Honolulu, HI
  Record(Seed): 34-2 (#6)
  • Schedule & Results
  • Roster & Bios
  • Head Coach
  • Statistics
  • Web Site

  University of Florida
  Mascot: Gators
  Location: Gainesville, FL
  Record(Seed): 34-2 (#5)
  • Schedule & Results
  • Roster & Bios
  • Head Coach
  • Statistics
  • Web Site
  Univ. of Southern California
  Mascot: Trojans
  Location: Los Angeles, CA
  Record(Seed): 29-1 (#1)
  • Schedule & Results
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  • Head Coach
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 NCAA 2002 Women's Volleyball Information

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2002:  29-1 Defeated Florida on 9/6/02 30-24, 30-19, 30-26

                      Loss to Stanford on 11/2/02, 30-26, 16-30, 26-30, 30-28, 16-14,  

                      Defeated Stanford on 10/4/02 23-30, 30-27, 28-30, 30-25, 24-22

2001 (25-4, 16-2 Pac-10, 2nd Region)
2001 Final National Ranking: 5th; 2001 Post-Season Finish: NCAA Regional Semifinals; 2001 Conference Finish: 2nd
Returning Starters/Letterwinners: 5/12
Top Returners: April Ross (Jr., OH, 6-1, 2002 All-Pac-10 1st team, AVCA All-Region); 

                            Katie Olsovsky (Jr., MB, 6-3, AVCA All-America 2nd Team, AVCA National Player of the Week, All-Pac-10 1st team, NCAA Region 2 All-Tournament); 

                            Keao Burdine (So., OH, 6-1, 2002 All-Pac-10 honorable mention, Pac-10 All-Freshman); 

                            Alicia Robinson (So., OH, 6-2)
Top Newcomers: Stacy Venski (Fr., MB, 6-3); Bibiana Candelas (Fr., MB, 6-5)
Top Players Lost: Jennifer Pahl (MB, AVCA All-Region, All-Pac-10 1st Team, NCAA Region 2 All-Tournament)




2002:  31-4  Losses to Florida 9/14/02 30-18, 30-24, 30-25 (without Logan Tom), 

                                          USC 10/4/02, 

                                          Arizona 10/11/02;  30-25, 30-17, 16-30, 30-32, 13-15

                                          Washington State 11/16/02;  31-29, 30-24, 23-30, 30-26

                        Defeated Hawai'i 11/10/02; 31-29, 30-28, 30-24

2001- (33-2, 17-1 Pac-10, 1st Region)
2001 Final National Ranking: 1st; 2001 Post-Season Finish: NCAA Champions; 2001 Conference Finish: 1st
Returning Starters/Letterwinners: 4/9
Top Returners: Logan Tom (Sr., OH, 6-1, AVCA National Player of the Year, Pac-10 Player of the Year); 

                           Ogonna Nnamani (So., OH, 6-1, AVCA All-American 2nd Team, Pac-10 Freshman of the Year); 

                           Sara McGee (Jr., MB, 6-3, AVCA All-Region, 1st team All-Pac-10)
Top Newcomers: Katie Goldhahn (Fr., S, 5-11); Courtney Schultz (Fr., MB, 6-1)
Top Players Lost: Robyn Lewis (S, NCAA Final Four All-Tournament)




2002:  34-2  Losses to USC, Northern Iowa

2001-(28-2, 14-0 SEC, 1st Region)
2001 Final National Ranking: 6th; 2001 Post-Season Finish: NCAA Regional Finals; 2001 Conference Finish: 1st
Returning Starters/Letterwinners: 4/10
Top Returners: Aury Cruz (Jr., OH, 5-11, AVCA All-America 1st-Team, SEC Player of the Year, SEC Tournament MVP); 

                            Benavia Jenkins (Jr., MB, 5-10, AVCA All-America 2nd-Team); 

                            Nicole McCray (Sr., MB, 5-10)
Top Newcomers: Jane Collymore (Fr., OH, 6-0), Rachel Engle (Fr., S, 5-6)
Top Players Lost: Kris Bova (S), Nikki Hartley (OH)




2002:  34-1  Loss to Stanford

2001-(29-6, 13-0 WAC, 2001-2nd Region)
2001 Final National Ranking: 13th; 2001 Post-Season Finish: NCAA Region Semifinals; 2001 Conference Finish: 1st
Returning Starters/Letterwinners: 6/11
Top Returners: Kim Willoughby (Jr., OH, 6-0, AVCA All-America 1st-Team, WAC Player of the Year); 

                            Lily Kahumoku (Jr., OH, 6-2, 2000 AVCA All-America 1st-Team, sat out 2001 season); 

                            Maja Gustin (Jr., MB, 6-2, All-WAC 1st-Team)
Top Newcomers: Susie Boogard (Fr., RS/Opp, 6-2); Cayley Thurlby (Fr., S, 5-11)
Top Players Lost: Tanja Nikolic (MB)

December 12-14, 2002

All Times Local
*Host Institution
at Santa Barbara, Calif.
December 12
(1) Southern California 3
Michigan St. (21-12) 0
(30-17, 30-23, 30-15)
at Santa Barbara, Calif.
December 12
(9) Pepperdine 3
(8) *UC Santa Barb. (30-3) 1
(30-22, 30-23, 25-30, 30-19)
at Santa Barbara, Calif.
December 13
(1) Southern California (29-1) 3
(9) Pepperdine (26-7) 0
(30-24, 30-20, 30-17)
at Gainesville, Fla.
December 13
(12) Washington State 3
(4) Northern Iowa (34-3) 0
(31-29, 30-21, 30-21)
at Gainesville, Fla.
December 13
Temple (28-7) 0
(5) *Florida 3
(30-15, 30-27, 30-14)
at Gainesville, Fla.
December 14
(12) Washington State (24-8) 1
(5) *Florida (34-2) 3
(27-30, 30-19, 30-25, 30-16)
at Lincoln, Neb.
December 13
(11) North Carolina (32-4) 0
(6) Hawaii 3
(30-21, 30-23, 30-22)
at Lincoln, Neb.
December 13
Miami (Fla.) (28-6) 0
(3) *Nebraska 3
(30-18, 30-17, 30-21)
at Lincoln, Neb.
December 14
(6) Hawaii (34-1) 3
(3) *Nebraska (30-2) 1
(30-25, 25-30, 30-27, 30-21)
at Stanford, Calif.
December 12
(7) Minnesota (32-6) 1
(10) Arizona 3
(32-30, 34-32, 28-30, 30-19)
at Stanford, Calif.
December 12
(15) Ohio St. (21-11) 0
(2) *Stanford 3
(30-24, 30-25, 30-27)
at Stanford, Calif.
December 13
(10) Arizona (20-12) 0
(2) *Stanford (32-4) 3
(30-14, 30-17, 30-25)

First/Second Round
December 5-8, 2002

All Times Local
*Host Institution
at Los Angeles, Calif.
December 6
      Utah (25-9) 0
      Texas A&M 3
(31-29, 30-27, 30-15)
at Los Angeles, Calif.
December 6
       San Diego (25-8) 0
(1) *Southern California 3
(30-27, 30-15, 30-24)
at Los Angeles, Calif.
December 7
       Texas A&M (21-10) 0
(1) *Southern California (27-1) 3
(30-18, 30-21, 30-23)
at South Bend, Ind.
December 7
       Michigan St. 3
       George Mason (22-8) 0
(30-28, 30-13, 30-21)
at South Bend, Ind.
December 7
         Col. of Charleston (29-6) 1
(16) *Notre Dame 3
(30-23, 30-24, 28-30, 30-27)
at South Bend, Ind.
December 8
        Michigan St. (21-11) 3
(16) *Notre Dame (24-8) 0
(30-28, 30-20, 30-23)
at Malibu, Calif.
December 5
       Long Beach St. (28-4) 0
       UCLA 3
(30-25, 30-27, 30-21)
at Malibu, Calif.
December 5
       Cal Poly (15-13) 0
(9) *Pepperdine 3
(30-19, 30-16, 30-19)
at Malibu, Calif.
December 6
       UCLA (20-14) 1
(9) *Pepperdine (25-6) 3
(30-26, 23-30, 30-26, 30-26)
at Santa Barbara, Calif.
December 6
      Santa Clara (24-7) 1
      California 3
(19-30, 30-20, 30-22, 30-20)
at Santa Barbara, Calif.
December 6
       Fresno St. (23-7) 1
(8) *UC Santa Barb. 3
(30-20, 28-30, 30-21, 30-26)
at Santa Barbara, Calif.
December 7
       California (20-12) 0
(8) *UC Santa Barb. (30-2) 3
(30-26, 30-25, 30-26)
at Gainesville, Fla.
December 6
       Florida St. (21-13) 0
       South Florida 3
(30-21, 30-19, 30-28)
at Gainesville, Fla.
December 6
       UCF (22-13) 0
(5) *Florida 3
(30-14, 30-20, 30-21)
at Gainesville, Fla.
December 7
       South Florida (30-7) 1
(5) *Florida (32-2) 3
(35-33, 30-24, 20-30, 30-18)
at State College, Pa.
December 6
       Temple 3
       Manhattan (30-3) 1
(30-32, 30-21, 30-15, 33-31)
at State College, Pa.
December 6
        Pennsylvania (22-5) 0
(13) *Penn State 3
(30-23, 30-10, 30-26)
at State College, Pa.
December 7
        Temple (28-6) 3
(13) *Penn St. (25-8) 1
(30-24, 30-26, 26-30, 30-23)
at Manhattan, Kan.
December 6
       Oral Roberts (22-11) 0
(12) Washington State 3
(30-26, 30-17, 30-21)
at Manhattan, Kan.
December 6
       Michigan (16-15) 0
     *Kansas State 3
(30-26, 30-25, 35-33)
at Manhattan, Kan.
December 7
     *Kansas St. (21-9) 1
(12) Washington St. (23-7) 3
(32-30, 21-30, 30-22, 31-29)
at Cedar Falls, Iowa
December 6
      Missouri 3
      Northwestern (17-16) 1
(25-30, 30-20, 31-29, 40-38)
at Cedar Falls, Iowa
December 6
       Wis.-Milwaukee (20-14) 1
(4) *Northern Iowa 3
(30-18, 30-15, 26-30, 30-27)
at Cedar Falls, Iowa
December 7
       Missouri (26-8) 2
(4) *Northern Iowa (34-2) 3
(25-30, 22-30, 30-27, 30-27, 15-10) 
at Lincoln, Neb.
December 6
     Arizona State 3
     Cincinnati (23-9) 2
(35-33, 30-20, 27-30, 19-30, 15-10)
at Lincoln, Neb.
December 6
       Tenn.-Martin (24-6) 0
(3) * Nebraska 3
(30-12, 30-17, 30-14)
at Lincoln, Neb.
December 7
        Arizona St. (15-12) 0
(3) * Nebraska (29-1) 3
(30-22, 30-21, 30-27)
at Madison, Wis.
December 6
       Miami (Fla.) 3
       Duke (24-11) 0
(30-25, 30-18, 30-20)
at Madison, Wis.
December 6
         Alabama A&M (24-8) 0
(14) *Wisconsin 3
(30-17, 30-13, 30-15)
at Madison, Wis.
December 7
        Miami (Fla.) (28-5) 3
(14) *Wisconsin (24-9) 1
(30-25, 20-30, 30-21, 30-22)
at Chapel Hill, N.C.
December 5
       American (26-8) 1
       South Carolina 3
(30-10, 30-28, 23-30, 30-19)
at Chapel Hill, N.C.
December 5
        Winthrop (28-11) 0
(11) *North Carolina 3
(30-24, 30-20, 30-18)
at Chapel Hill, N.C.
December 6
        South Carolina (22-7) 1
(11) *North Carolina (32-3) 3
(30-23, 28-30, 30-26, 30-23)
at Honolulu
December 5
       Washington 3
       Colorado St. (22-10) 1
(26-30, 30-25, 30-22, 30-27)
at Honolulu
December 5
       Western Ky. (33-5) 0
(6) *Hawaii 3
(30-18, 30-25, 30-21)
at Honolulu
December 6
      Washington (20-11) 0
(6) *Hawaii (32-1) 3
(30-26, 39-37, 30-25)
at Minneapolis, Minn.
December 5
       Florida A&M (23-7) 0
       Georgia Tech 3
(30-21, 30-27, 30-17)
at Minneapolis, Minn.
December 5
       New Hampshire (23-11) 1
(7) *Minnesota 3
(30-18, 28-30, 30-17, 30-21)
at Minneapolis, Minn.
December 6
      Georgia Tech (33-6) 1
(7) *Minnesota (32-5) 3
(30-28, 29-31, 26-30, 30-28)
at Tucson, Ariz.
December 5
       Texas 3
       Indiana (20-13) 2
(30-22, 36-38, 30-17, 24-30, 15-10)
at Tucson, Ariz.
December 5
        Texas-Arlington (26-7) 0
(10) *Arizona 3
(30-22, 30-26, 30-20)
at Tucson, Ariz.
December 6
        Texas (23-9) 2
(10) *Arizona (19-11) 3
(30-25, 25-30, 18-30, 30-22, 15-9)
at Columbus, Ohio
December 6
        Ball St. (25-8) 0
        Louisville 3
(30-24, 30-24, 30-25)
at Columbus, Ohio
December 6
        Robert Morris (27-12) 0
(15) *Ohio St. 3
(30-22, 30-20, 30-16)
at Columbus, Ohio
December 7
        Louisville (28-6) 0
(15) *Ohio St. (21-10) 3
(30-26, 30-28, 30-23)
at Stanford, Calif.
December 6
       Pacific (Calif.) 3
       Nevada (22-10) 2
(30-24, 14-30, 25-30, 30-28, 15-11)
at Stanford, Calif.
December 6
       Sacramento St. (24-11) 0
(2) *Stanford (28-4) 3
(30-22, 30-8, 30-17)
at Stanford, Calif.
December 7
       Pacific (Calif.) (19-13) 1
       Stanford (30-4) 3
(30-26, 29-31, 30-14, 30-21)


Division I Volleyball Championship Selections Announced

December 01, 2002 -

2002 Championship Bracket (PDF)

INDIANAPOLIS --The NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Committee announced today the 64-team field for the 2002 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championship. Thirty-one conferences were awarded automatic qualification, and the remaining 33 slots were filled with at-large selections to complete the bracket.


(Host 1st & 2nd Rounds)
1. Southern California
2. Stanford
3. Nebraska
4. Northern Iowa
5. Florida
6. Hawaii
7. Minnesota
8. UC Santa Barbara
9. Pepperdine
10. Arizona
11. North Carolina
12. Washington State
13. Penn State
14. Wisconsin
15. Ohio State
16. Notre Dame

The top 16 teams were seeded nationally and placed within four regions. The teams tabbed as the top seeds were Southern California, Stanford, Nebraska and Northern Iowa.

Team pairings were determined by geographical proximity, with the exception that teams from the same conference were not paired during the first and second rounds.

The Big Ten and Pacific-10 led all conferences with eight teams selected. The Big 12 placed five, and the Big West and Atlantic Coast conferences each placed four teams in the field, followed by Conference USA, West Coast and Western Athletic conferences with three apiece and the Big East, Mountain West and Southeastern conferences with two.

Four teams Pacific (California), Pennsylvania State University, Stanford and University of California, Santa Barbara, have earned bids to all 22 championships. Six teams are making their initial appearances in the field: College of Charleston, Manhattan, Miami (Florida), Tennessee-Martin, Western Kentucky and Winthrop. Two teams return to the tournament after more than a decade removed from NCAA post-season play: California (1989) and Northwestern (1984).

In the 22-year history of the championship nine schools have been crowned champion, all of which are in this year's bracket, including the defending champion Stanford.

Additional past winners making the field are Stanford (1992, 94, 96, 97, 2001), University of Hawaii, Manoa (1982, 83, 87), Long Beach State University (1989, 93, 98), University of California, Los Angeles (1984, 90, 91), Pacific (California) (1985, 86), Nebraska (1995 and 2000), Southern California (1981), University of Texas at Austin (1988) and Penn State (1999)



 Be part of the action as the Sunbelt Conference, University of New Orleans and the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation host the 

2002 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championship The top four teams in women's collegiate volleyball will meet at the New Orleans Arena for the semifinal matches on December 19. Winners of those matches advance to the championship match on December 21 to crown the 2002 National Champion! Click here for a tentative schedule.


Orders may be mailed or placed in person at the Superdome Box Office. Ticket orders via facsimile will not be accepted. Tickets may be purchased by money order, check or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express). The ticket price includes the semifinal and final sessions. Single session tickets will be sold only if seats remain available the day before the event. Everyone must have a ticket for admission regardless of age.


Click here to download a ticket application


For further ticket information regarding the 2002 Women's Volleyball Championship, contact the New Orleans Arena ticket office at 504/587-3800.

Ticket Information





NCAA Announces Women's Volleyball Television Schedule
November 27, 2002 -

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NCAA released today the 2002 NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championship television schedule.

For the first time since 1996, all four regional finals will be televised live the weekend of December 13-15. With ESPN activating its rights to broadcast the regionals, the games will air on local ESPN cable affiliates, regional sports networks and over-the-air stations around the country. Several regional sports networks will air the event, please check your local listings for coverage in your area. The potential match-ups and exact air dates and times will be determined after the second round is completed December 8.

The 22nd NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball Championship concludes in New Orleans, Louisiana, on December 19 and 21. ESPN2 will air the first semifinal live December 19 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time. ESPN2 will air the second semifinal (tape delayed) December 20 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time.

The national championship game will be broadcast live December 21 at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time on ESPN2. Veteran college volleyball announcers Chris Marlowe and Heather Cox will call the action for ESPN2.



2003 Dallas, Texas, at Reunion Arena, December 18 and 20. 

2004 Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Arena

2005 San Antonio, Texas at The Alamodom. The University of Texas at San Antonio, will host the event, which will be held December 15 and 17. 

2006 Omaha, Nebraska at the Omaha Convention Center and Arena. The University of Nebraska, Lincoln, will host the event December 14 and 16. 

2007 Sacramento, California at the ARCO Arena.  California State University, Sacramento, will host the event December 13 and 15.



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