National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA)


Collegiate Club Volleyball

    Sport Clubs are made up of individuals that have a desire to compete or participate in a sport throughout their college career. Many colleges and universities field sport club teams because no varsity team exists, or because the talent, dedication to the sport, and interest demand an opportunity other than varsity athletics or intramurals. Sport Club teams function under student leadership and the monies needed to support them are generated through membership dues, fundraisers, donations, and oftentimes, some university support.

    Sport clubs include traditional and non-traditional activities such as: volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, cycling, martial arts, rodeo, ultimate disc, badminton, crew, sailing, etc. Coaches or leaders are often unpaid volunteers, or students themselves. Teams or groups hold regular practices and often compete in an organized league with other collegiate sport club teams. The NIRSA Collegiate Sport Club Championships offer National Championships in the sports of Volleyball, Soccer and Lacrosse. A number of additional sports are being researched to add to the calendar of events.



Club Championships

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