National Volleyball Association

Team Tryouts

UTAH       Dec 5    Highland High           Contact: Kim Norman 801-486-9076
                    Salt Lake City

ST. LOUIS Dec 14 Maryville University Contact: Kimberly Coleman 800-577-4537 St. Louis
NEBRASKA Dec. 14 College of St. Marys Contact: Ron Hoffman 402-333-7401 Omaha
ARIZONA Dec. 17 Pima College Contact: Heather Moore 520-531-9705 Tucson
COLORADO Dec. 14 The Bubble Contact: Phil von Hake 303-494-6623 Engelwood
IOWA Dec. 15 Iowa State Contact: Kara Galer 319-351-3569 Ames

Tryouts are free & open to any local women's players who are currently members of USA Volleyball and have experience on the National Team, NCAA, pro beach tours, pro leagues overseas, or similar levels of competition.

College seniors who have completed their NCAA eligibility, but are still on scholarship, may also be eligible to play in the NVA. These players should contact their Athletic Department and ask them to contact the NVA's main office for details (do not make direct contact with any of the NVA's coaches or offices). Players must have a release from the NCAA and NVA office prior to showing up for tryouts.

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