1996 OLYMPICS - Format of Volleyball Competition


Indoor Competition

Indoor volleyball competition will include 24 teams (12 mens teams, 12 womens teams).

The competition format for both men and women will be the following: two pools of six teams each competing in round-robin preliminaries play, followed by classification, quarterfinal, semifinal and medal-round matches to determine ranking from first to eighth.

Beach Competition

Beach volleyball competition will include 42 teams (24 mens teams, 16 womens teams; 2 athletes per team).

A total of 80 athletes, representing 21 countries, will compete in the Olympic Beach Volleyball Tournaments in Atlanta.

These athletes were selected through a detailed Olympic qualification process which saw the participation of a total of 587 men's and women's athletes from 46 countries.

At the Olympics, a double elimination tournament will be played for both men and women until a total of four teams qualify for the semifinals: the two finalist teams of the winners bracket and the two finalist teams of the elimination bracket. Semifinal winners will play for the first and second places; semifinal losers will play for third and fourth places.

The remaining two Men's and two Women's teams for the US were determined at the Olympic Beach Trials held in Baltimore, Maryland on June 4-9, 1996.

On June 29 in Marseille, there was a drawing of lots to determine the time table for the Men's and Women's Olympic Beach Tournaments.

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