Dain Blanton


from dain's agent - 26 March 2003 -

Dain Blanton, Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist, was a finalist for the new season of The Bachelor, airing tonight at 9:00 p.m. on ABC. Tonight's show, the first of the new season, goes in depth into the lives of 4 potential Bachelors for this seasons show. At the conclusion of the show, they are supposed to reveal who the new Bachelor is. Due to the fact that the new Bachelor has already been revealed, a result of the decision being leaked to the tabloids, they have turned tonight's show into a casting special.   Dain was supposed to have a 7-10 minute segment that was sure to give him some much needed exposure.   Last I heard, he is going to have a minimal part of the show, maybe a minute or two.

Personal Data:

Dain Blanton:
Birthdate:          	November 28,1971
Hometown:           	Laguna Beach, CA
Training Site:      	Santa Monica, CA
Height:             	6'3"
Weight:             	195 lbs.
Years Pro:          	8
College:            	Pepperdine University
2002 Prize Money:
2001 Prize Money:
2000 Prize Money:
1999 Prize Money:
1998 Prize Money:
1997 Prize Money:   	$118,720  #9
1996 Prize Money:   	$ 75,565
1995 Prize Money:   	$ 39,425
Career Prize Money: $518,572
Career Open Wins:  	6
Web Site: 		www.dainblanton.com



Gold Medal with Eric Fonoimoana at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

$518,572 Career Beach Earning total (thru 2002)

1996 - Second at Ft. Myers (with Canyon Ceman)
     - Third at Indianapolis (with Bill Boullianne)
     - Fourth at San Diego (with Ceman)
     - $ 75,565 earnings

1995 - Compiled three fifth-place finishes (with Clark)
     - $ 39,425 earnings


Has two brothers, Kurt and Everett...
Enjoys mountain biking and all outdoor activities...


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