Liane Sato



Member of the 1988, and 1982 (Bronze Medal) USA Olympic Women's Volleyball teams.


Graduate of San Diego State


Graduate of  Santa Monica High School, SMHS (informally known as Samohi or just Samo).


Coach at Santa Monica High School. 1999-


5'4" Back row player


Birthdate: September 9, 1964


Played on the 4-person pro beach tour

League Competition Summary

1996 - 2 Wins, Team Sony Autosound (Captain - Kim Oden)
Wins at San Diego, CA; Chicago, Ill.
0 Wins, Team Nike (Captain - Gabrielle Reece)

1995 - 0 Wins, Team Paul Mitchell (Captain)

1994 - 2 Wins, Team Paul Mitchell (Captain)
Wins at Seal Beach, CA; Chicago, Ill.

1993 - 2 Wins, Team Lady Foot Locker (Captain - Gabrielle Reece)
Wins at Seal Beach, CA; Tampa, FL

Career Highlights

Quick Sets

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