USAV Significant Rule Changes for 1996 Season


Rule 1. Playing Area

     1.4.2 - Service Zone - The service zone is extended to include the
             full width of the 9 meter area behind the end lines.

Rule 2. Net and Posts

     2.4 - The height of the net may be varied for age-group competition.

Rule 3. Ball
     3.1 - Inside pressure of ball (stated in kg/cm ) corrected.

Rule 5. Players' Equipment - Required placement for uniform number by 1998 season.

     5.3.1 - Jewelry prohibited; other equipment subject to judgement.

Rule 8. Preparation for the Match

     8.1.2 - In deciding game, the first referee may designate the second
             referee to make the coin toss.

Rule 11. Substitution of Players

     11.3 - Time allowed to determine if an injured player can continue
            in game extended from 15 to 30 seconds.

Rule 12. Playing Actions - Limiting heights for a ball striking objects above the playing
            	area removed.

Rule 14. Playing the Ball

     14.4.1 - The ball may touch any part of the body.  Limitation of knee
              and above removed.

     14.4.2 - Restrictions regarding contact of the ball restated: The ball
               must be hit, not caught or thrown. - All multiple contacts allowed on first team hit. 
		Limitation of "unless it is played overhand using fingers" removed.

Rule 16. Player at the Net

     16.2.1 - "Inside the antennas" added to clarify rule regarding blocker
               reaching beyond the plane of the net.

     16.2.3 - Addition: Provision made to allow player to contact ball over
              opponent's court in order to return it to player's own
              playing space.

     16.4.1 - Rule expanded to allow insignificant contact with the net
              by a player not involved in the action of playing the ball.

Rule 18. Attack-Hit

     18.1 - Commentary - Definition of attack-hit excludes first or second
            team contact that is legally blocked as long as the ball does
            not completely pass the plane of the net untouched.

     18.4 - Commentary - An attack-hit fault and a blocking fault committed
            simultaneously will result in a double fault.

Rule 19. Block

     19.3 - Any third team hit by the opponents may be blocked at any time
            after the contact.

     19.4.2 - Contact with the ball during a block may be with any part of
              the body (See Rule 14.4.1)

     19.5 - Commentary - A blocking fault and an attack-hit fault committed
            simultaneously will result in a double fault.

Rule 20. Regular Game Interruptions

     20.7 - Any improper request that affects of delays a game will be
            sanctioned as a team delay.

Rule 24. Misconduct

     24.2.4 - "Spectator area" added to the list of venues that must be
               vacated by a disqualified player.

Rule 27. Second Referee

     27.2.7 - The second referee is responsible for reporting third entry
              of a player to the first referee and coach/captain of the
              player's team.

Rule 29. Line Judges - Duties include reporting foot faults of players off the
                court at the time of service.


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