1998 - FIVB Rule Changes



April 20, 1998 - At a Press Conference in Tokyo today following the Drawing of Lots for the 1998 World Championships to be held in Japan next November, Dr. Ruben Acosta H., President of the FIVB, announced the following new Rules which will apply to this competition.


    Each team has the option to register one specialised defensive player, "Libero" among the final list of 12 players for the whole tournament. The specific rules for a Libero player are as follows: He/she is restricted to performing as a back row player and has no right at all to complete an attack hit when the ball is above the height of the top of the net.
    B) The Libero may not serve, block or attempt to block.
    C) The Libero must wear a different colour shirt from the other members of the team.
    D) Substitutions involving a Libero are not counted as regular and their number is unlimited. A Libero cannot take part in normal substitutions and may only enter or leave the game while the ball is out of play and before the whistle for service.
    E) It is necessary to have a rally between replacement of two different players involving a Libero. With the previous approval of the first referee, an injured Libero may be substituted during the match by any registered player within the normal line-up list of the score sheet.
    G) The designated replacement of a Libero will be limited to performing as a Libero for the rest of the match and the subsequent matches. Nevertheless, this player will be allowed to be registered again in the normal line-up of later matches once the initially registered Libero is officially re-instituted.
    H) No other player will be authorised to perform as a Libero and in the case of further injury of the originally registerd Libero, he/she will be replaced by the same player under the same conditions as stated in previous points.
    All team members may encourage or instruct players on court while sitting on the benches or standing in the warm-up zone. Only the head coach is authorised to do this while walking or standing within the free zone in front of the team bench from the extension of the attack line up to the warm-up area without disturbing or delaying the match.
    A new coloured ball, Mikasa MVL 200, will be the exclusive official game ball. The ball panels are blue, yellow and white. The design and colour combination are registered trade marks for FIVB official competitions.
    In cooperation with the official Volleyball uniforms suppliers, FIVB has finalised the new uniform standards. The purpose of the fashion change is to bring a new brand image to Volleyball by creating a modern specific line. Manufacturers will gradually introduce the new uniforms to the public through retail outlets.
    The new regulations are:
    - Shirts and shorts should not be loose or baggy but should follow the body line.
    - Long sleeved shirts are not allowed.
    - No numbers on the sleeves, but numbers on the right side leg of the shorts.
    - Country flag and name on the front left side of the shirt.
    - Family name or nickname on the back of the shirt, above the number.
    - Women are allowed to wear one-piece uniforms.
    The uniforms of the forthcoming World Championships must conform to these standards.

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