USAV - Significant Rule Changes for 1998 Season


USA Volleyball 1997-98 Significant Rule Changes




    Rules 4.1. and 4.1.2 have been interchanged which is an editorial
    change only.
    The change in Rules 7.2.1. and 7.2.2. is a further clarification of
    scoring and brings our Rules in accordance with the FIVB rules.
    A change was made for Doubles and Triples Competition only in Rules
    13.1.3 and 18.4.1 that now states that blocking DOES constitute a team
    contact, and any player may make the second contact of the ball
    after the block.  This change brings our rules into accord with the
    FIVB and other sanctioning groups.  The Rule for Four-Player and
    Six-Player Competition DID NOT change and the block does NOT
    constitute a team contact.
    A clarification should be pointed out for all Beach Volleyball
    competition, that Rules and 13.2.1 allow for simultaneous
    contact by teammates which is counted as one contact and any player
    may make the second contact.
    Rule 13.2.3 now allows a joust to be legal for all types of
    competition including Four-Player and Six-Player competition.
    Rule 13.4.1 now allows the player in Six-Player competition to touch
    the ball with any part of the body.
    Rule now allows a "beach dig" to be allowed during the
    defensive play of a hard-driven ball in Four-Player and Six-Player
    The change in Rule 13.4.5 is an attempt to take intent out of the Rule
    and judge legality only if there is sufficient wind to be a factor in
    the play.  For example, if the wind is blowing into the team's court
    and a legal set is sent over the net, then that would be judged a
    fault.  Conversely, if the wind is blowing in the same direction and
    the other team's set crosses over the net, it would not be judged a
    Rule 16.6 allows for one service attempt and it has been adopted by
    all other governing bodies and makes our Rules in accordance with
    those bodies.
    The change in Rule 21.1.2 is to clarify the handling of a situation of
    an injured player.  It was reworded to amplify and to eliminate


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