1995 FIVB Rule Changes


These rules are valid for all FIVB competitions from Jan 1, 1995
and for European (CEV) competition immediately.

------------------------- OFFICIAL TEXT ------------------------------------
Modifications to the Rules of the Game, such as adopted by the FIVB Congress
(Athens, 24.9.1994), to be enforced with immediate effect in all CEV

R 1.1.2

Add a new paragraph : "For the World Championships and the Olympic Games, the
free zone shall measure a minimum of 6 m from the side lines and 9 m from the 
end lines.

R 1.4.2

The service zone is a 9 m wide area behind the end line (the end line
excluded). It is laterally limited by two short lines, each 15 cm long, drawn
20 cm behind the end line as an extension of the side lines. Both lines are
included in the with of the zone.

Comment: The serving player is exempt from the positional order (rule 10.1.3).
The server may be at the left of the players on position 5 or 6. All other
players must be in correct order inside the court.

R 5.1.5

The colour and brightness of the numbers must contrast with the colour and the
brightness of the jerseys.

R 14.4.1

The ball may touch any part of the body.

Comment: While in the past it was not allowed to touch the ball with a part of
the body below the knee, now the ball may touch the whole body including the
feet, regardless if the touch is done in an "active" or in a "passive" way.
Service must be done as in the past: with one hand or with any other part of
the arm (rule 17.5.4).

R 14.4.2

The ball must be hit, not caught or thrown.

Comment: Balls judged up to now as "hold balls" are still to be considered as a
fault, with the exception of balls played in all kinds of defense action. A
double contact (rule 14.5.e) is still a fault, except in the case of the new
rule 14.4.3b, and in the case where the player plays the ball in a difficult
position, where the referee now should judge the contact of the ball in a less
strong way.

R 14.4.3b

At the first hit of a team (19.1.2), the ball may touch various parts of the
body consecutively, provided that it occurs during one action.

Delete "unlessit is played overhand using fingers".

R 14.5.d

Delete "clearly" (as a result of new rule 14.4.2).

R 16.4.1

Contact with the net is a fault, except when a player, not attempting to play
the ball, accidentally touches the net.

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