Match #4 - Pool B
CUB beat USA 3-0 (15-7, 15-8, 15-10) - duration 1:16
03/11/98, start time: 18:30 - Attendance: 4'000

    FIVB Press Release
    Difference in power shows Cuba the way against USA.

    The Cuban Team started their first match of this World Championship in a complete new outfit! The basis of this new look in Women's Volleyball is a spectacular "One-piece" suit. It shows that the International Sport Manufacturers are taking a very close look at how they can expose their designs in the best possible way in International Volleyball. The USA started this match playing very freely. With good serving they kept the score very equal 4-4. Slowly but surely the "black panther" woke up! Mainly by hard spiking and jumpserving from Aguero. Leading 9 - 5 the Cuban Team showed some very good blocking finishing the set easy (15-7). We know that the USA Teams never gives up. So also in this match they were very willing to put up the fight for victory. With tactical serving and good defense they tried to keep track of their opponent. 5-2. Center Mickisha Hurley kept scoring many side-outs and in fantastic rally-play the spectators where served with high level Volleyball. In the score 6-2 till 8-2 a total of 18 serves where needed. Cuba kept the best of the set so far USA came closer 7-10. USA Libero Laura Davis showed ounce again that the use of a Libero can be very useful. With great defensive play she helped the USA hanging into the set. Finally the Cubans showed their great strength winning the second set (15-8) In the third set the Japanese Spectators where very happy to see that the Cuban Headcoach put Superstar Mireya Luis Hernandez on the court. She showed ounce more that here value for the Cuban team is still pretty big, showing her enormous spiking ounce again. The USA could follow till a score of 12-10 mainly by some errors on the Cuban side.

    he Question to the winning team: Cuba : What do you think enabled you
    to win the match today?
    The Head coach of Cuba: Antonio Perdomo: Our spikes and serves went
    very well today and that was the major cause of our win today.
    The captain of Cuba: Regla Bell McKenzie: As the coach says, our spikes
    and also our blocks were very successful. We work hard and as a whole
    team. I think that our blocking was really very good today.
    The Question to the losing team: USA: What do you think were the causes
    of today's loss?
    The head coach of USA: Michael Haley: Cuba is simply too strong for us
    at this moment. We played very hard, and we are sure that we could be
    successful in the remaining part of this round robin, however we did
    not have any chance today.
    The captain of USA: Salima Davidson: We played very hard. But it is
    very difficult to beat Cuba. Their level is very high, and it is
    difficult to play against them for a long time. Yet, we did a good job
    in some ways: spiking and digging. We hope to do the same thing in the
    next match.
    The Question to both the winning team and the lost team: What are your
    goals for the future in this tournament considering today's result?
    The coach of Cuba: We still have two teams in this group and will try
    our best in each match to, finally, win the title.
    The captain of Cuba: There are many matches left to reach the final. We
    should do the same as we did today, to win every single match.
    The coach of USA: Our goal for this pool is to win two games, and our
    goal for this tournament is to be one of the best 6 teams. It was very
    fortunate that we had a match with Cuba as our first match so that we
    have a clear benchmark. It gives us answers to win other matches.
    The captain of USA: We would like to reach the second raking in this
    pool by beating Italy and Bulgaria. It is very important for us to gain
    as many points and win as many matches as we can.
    The Questions to Ruiz Yumilka: We understand that this match was very
    important to you in order to settle down in the position of ace
    attacker. Are you satisfied with today's result?
    Yes, I am very satisfied. We prepared for this tournament very well.
    Getting the position of the ace attacker in the Cuban Team is very
    difficult for me, so I am very happy with the result of today
    Question: I hear that you and Luis Mireya are from the same hometown
    and that she knows you, as you were a little child. What do you think
    you should do to go beyond Mireya?
    There are still many things to go beyond her. I have fewer experiences,
    and also my level and quality of my spike skills are not as good as her
    skills yet.
    The Question to the coach of Cuba, Mr. Antonio Perdomo: I guess today's
    win was quite something for you. Could you find any points to improve
    through your point of view as the coach?
    We still have a lot to improve to perform better matches, such as the
    combination of the setter and attacker, and receiving.